When I Thought You Were The One

Wrote this when I first fell in love with someone special, it’s been almost six years. Please overlook the abbreviations and any mistakes, I was young and free lol :).

This ain’t a poem just ma tots n feelings…a collection of some of ma updates,comments n notes on ma fon …forgive me if i sound incoherent at some stages but never met anyone describe a feeling to others for them to feel it the same way he/she does…am not gud wid words so aint gonna rush biaaa

Always knew God had gud plans for me…But never imagined the depths of His love for me till I saw her.He sent his most perfect Angel to me . She was the perfect definition of beauty..not the one that fades wid age..when she smiled not only did her lips express her joy, her eyes also reflected her inner joy n her whole face lit up. She has the type of smile that brightens up a room n leaves it memories in the minds of those in it long after she is gone, …I found maself always smiling anytime I had any interaction wid her….Ma whole being was on fire wid strange feelings..

Emotions i could not find the reason for, feelings too strong for me… feelings that gradually took the hunter out of me…it all felt so surreal i did not want to wake up if it was a dream…i remember the first time i saw her, i was so struck by her beauty i forgot that i did not know how to dance so i asked her for a dance…she smiled n said yes..i had this stupid look on ma face cos i knew ma next words would be the silliest shes heard in a while (i dont know how to)… if this was the dream i did not want to wake but i had to n boi am i glad i did cos in real life, she was way better…she is ma source of happiness, ma joy…..

Am glad you no longer ma dream,ma secret….i can actually point u out to all n say that is the woman i love, the woman i want to spend eternity wid. A person i can hold n adore,cherish, pamper n build wid. A person i know who is willing to go ova the rough patches wid me n above all, a Christian…someone to help me wid ma faith n encourage me to grow an d be a better person

To sum it up, i love her without fear…i believe in her n her capabilities….trust her wid ma heart n all, n i have hope n faith in our relationship

You no longer a dream but ma reality…ma luv *winks


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