How My Mother Met My Dad And My Best Friend Got Married

He is the perfect example of take everything to The Lord in prayer. We were asked to write our prayer topics on a piece of paper at a prayer meeting. I described the type of man and asked God to do the rest. Remarkably he was the one who picked up that paper and his prayer was that God should use him as the answer to this prayer. Our next meeting was at a funeral, he was sitting behind me. He kept going on and going, constantly talking and sharing his opinions about everything. I wondered who he thought he was.

I fell sick and needed blood, I asked the doctor to get me blood because I didn’t understand why I a nurse, who worked in the hospital had to look for blood. Your dad visited me and asked how he could help me. I remember he held my hands and I drifted off, I felt so comfortable. He would have remained seated if the nurse hadn’t entered to wake me up. From there our friendship and relationship grew.

This is how my mum met my dad, haven’t asked him for his version. But one thing I do know, that love and prayer that God should use him to answer her prayer is the same prayer that he says nightly, not only for her but for us the kids as well. He is the representation of God’s love in our family.

My best friend got married on the 20th (Hopefully I remember their wedding anniversary next year) , oh you should have seen my joy that day. My conscience was getting married to the woman of his dreams, a God fearing woman. They met in the university and started a relationship, though it didn’t last long it acted as the foundation for their wonderful relationship today. They rekindled their love oceans apart, one in the US and the other in Australia. My fear was the absence of physical contact/interaction but after seeing them together, I no longer have that fear. God brought them together and He will surely see them to the very end. A relationship is built and they have started that work, I know and believe that they will both work hard at it. Working day and night, sweat, fall down, have minor accidents but with God as their helper their marriage will be to be used as a testimony.

I shared an email with them, it was about how pressure turns ordinary materials into carbon/diamonds. And how this process takes years and massive pressure. If they withstand all the pressure and the test of time, they would end up with something really beautiful.

The year is about to end, and every experience was worth it. I wish I had grown closer to God during the year but that didn’t happen. My relationship with someone ended far quicker than I expected but it was worth it, the dates, car drives, beach etc .

Here is to a better year ahead, happy new year folks. Let’s all have a great one, don’t let setbacks discourage you. As far as you have life, you have the opportunity to fix up.


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