STDs/STIs are mythical creatures


STDs/STIs are mythical creatures, they exist only in our thoughts and dreams. They come out only when we have been naughty and forgotten to cover up when sleeping at night. Or as a young future full grown movie star said they are “fake diseases” created to make profit.

I think most of us have that mentality, we can’t be bothered about their existence or effects. The moment our relationships become official, condoms and common sense gets thrown into the nearest bin. Somehow being in a relationship makes you immune to STIs, your partner sex history gets erased and so does yours. It doesn’t matter if we trust our partners or not, they deserve to have our bodies without protection because of love. How dare we believe in STIs or even entertain the thought that our partner might have other partners that they sleep with without a condom. It doesn’t matter If he or she is the seventh person you are sleeping with in the year without a condom as far as you under the big lovely umbrella called relationship.

I think we can do better, we can love ourselves more. Our bodies and health are more important than the relationship. We can be in relationships and not abuse ourselves willingly and so stupidly. STIs don’t advertise themselves on our faces, be careful, stay safe

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