Love Sucks

Lights up your world brightly
Over before you begin to appreciate it fully
Very often, you don’t know what it is
Everyone experiences it at some point

Love sucks

Silence, starts with a crescendo
Urgency because you can’t get enough
Crying when it dies down and not sure what to do
Kisses are remembered and you realize the hugs were not enough
Sucks to be you

Started writing this when I thought I had lost something special with someone, I felt bitter and let down, turned to my source of happiness outside family and religion; twitter for the laughter and clowning around. It has helped a lot and with time I realized I didn’t lose it, it was never there. I had been lying to myself for 8 months. It no longer hurts to admit that, it was a lesson appreciated and will always be treasured.

Love does not suck, Humans of New York . was what reminded me of that fact. It provides daily glimpses into the lives of strangers in New York using their photographs and a quote or a snippet of their life story. I find love daily in the comments, in the stories and in the pictures.

Love is a human, love is a gesture, love is a word, love is the simple things, love is what you can’t figure out, love is a belief, love is you and i and i certainly do not suck.

People change, feelings change but we live, learn and love again. I would have blamed anyone and myself for the failure for it not working but no one is to be blamed. Love is a choice and i wasn’t chosen

I think love is bittersweet


One thought on “Love Sucks

  1. “Love is a choice and I wasn’t chosen”
    That alone puts it all in perspective. Hope you find something fulfilling soon.

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