My Parents

This was sent in by my cousin. Love it.

I had just become aware of how silent the house was. I picked up my phone to look at the time. I didnt realize how fast time had flown by. The last time I looked at the darned thing it was 8am. I had been in my room in front of my computer screen for hours unend, getting up only to use the washroom or grab what had now become my staple meal: crackers from the pantry. I was sleepy now. I wanted to sleep. But I hadn’t seen my parents for most of the day and I live with them.

I left my bat cave and walked over to their room. They were asleep. I stood there a while staring at the people who gave me life, now battling old age. I was stuck. My imagination wondered to how they lived before me. What made them laugh, how being in love felt like for them. I pictured my mother sitting behind her sewing machine pregnant with my sister, sewing a pink and yellow-flowered dress awaiting her arrival. And I pictured my dad on site mulling over his drawings with the contractors of one of his projects. Then he’d come home and affectionately kiss my mother on the forehead and deftly ask “whats for dinner?”

My mother was pretty back then I imagined, like me, if not slightly better looking. And my dad was tall and lean. That hadn’t changed much even with their slight receding hairlines and salt and pepper hair colour. As I looked upon them laying on the bed, I realised just how much I loved those people. Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone….I was created by them and I loved them dearly.

For a moment I felt a plethora of emotions well inside me. Fear being among them. Fear that I will one day become just as old as they had become. I was thrust into my future to look upon my daughter staring at me too and thinking her own thoughts. I wonder what she’d think of me. Also the fear that I could lose them now at any time. I felt happiness that they created me. And I felt loved by their mere presence.

My dad hasn’t changed much in my eyes, even though he’s started bending over like the old people do and loosing a lot of weight. He’s still the tall, lean and somewhat handsome young man in my eyes with a good sense of humour…most of the time, a passion for the Lord and his family. And my mother. Oh my mother. Do I love that woman! She is the proverbs 31 woman. She’s lived out that life and I can only aspire to be like her…the backbone of her family, holding all of us in her mind, her heart and her prayers.

When I caught up with my imagination I picked up the duvet and covered them, thanking God I had parents like those and saddened that old age was silently and slowly creeping up on them.


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