Maxwell ~ Bad Habits

Laugh and dance with him
He’s amused by your giggles
Hold and reassure him
Take it back to the 99 days
When love songs had meaning
Sing for him, words with meaning
He is a lover of words and ways
Tell him of your dreams and sell him a dream
Watch him fall for you and blindly seek paths
Paths that will lead him back to the dream
Go on, grant him heaven
Paint and make it feel secure, make it feel like a haven
Because after all this, granted, you will expose
Your true intentions…and then you shall be enemies.

Hook of Bad Habits

This is the highest cost
Take you and make you off
Love you and leave you lost
Will you forgive me?
This is the highest cost
Take you and make you off
Love you and leave you lost
Will you forgive me?

Loved Nana’s post which I titled Her, thought about it the whole night, the beauty and sincerity in the words. I don’t know what the writer had in mind when writing but I wanted to write a similar post. I wanted mine to reflect fear, hope and a longing, I don’t know if I achieved that but what I do know is that love is a scary and lovely thing. The journey is never assured, hard work is needed to make it survive. You have to wake up each morning, get on your knees and stoke the fire, keep it burning. You never neglect that fire, desire. It should fill your home with warmth, every little corner should see the flickers of the flames, your neighbours should feel it.

There is the fear that you would wake up one morning and the fire has died out because of a severe storm the night before. You can prepare for that, take steps so that when that storm and others come your fire would be safe. Make conscious efforts to protect it, never place a barrel of water beside the fire. Always have more wood for the fire and never ever get tired of fanning the flames.

Don’t let the fear be the fuel of keeping the fire burning. Fear has no place in the home. When you find the right fuel, man….when you do find the right fuel…

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