2 Hours


“Mum, who is that man approaching?” Asked Nana behind the old fallen tree. The log that has been at the entrance of the den as far back as her young mind could take her. Her plaything ever since her claws developed, she very own diary. She had etched stories in its bark, tore into it with fury whenever she was angry, whispered stories of adventure and dreams to it.

Her mum said the tree was called “Me Motiver” . It was there when the world was young and without form, when the gods roamed the earth with abandon and had no care for man or animals. There are so many legends about its name but the one that makes sense to Nana the most is the one concerning the words that were engraved by the unknown man. “Dei Sub Numine Viget” Under the Protection of God, She Flourishes” It was only through the protection of God that this tree had seen the ages come and go, it was the motivator. And it was only the protection of God that could see the pride through the coming dry season.

“That’s your dad” Aduks said with a hint of a smile in her voice as she approached her young one. She knew what sort of life was going in for when she accepted his proposal. She refused to cry when he informed her that he had to leave for an assignment six months into their union. She refused to inform him that she was with child, she refused to let him know about Nana whenever she responded or sent her own message using the pigeons. She knew how much he loved her and how knowing he was a father was going to make him the happiest man out there. But he had to pay. He had to pay for the two years that he was gone, he had to pay for the two kisses he gave her before he left, he had to pay for the two promises he swore he would never break.

1. To always be by her side
2. Nothing would ever ever separate them.

She told him that it was the same thing, he insisted that it wasn’t the same.

“My dad?” Nana asked? “Isn’t Kovu my father”. Aduks laughed as she answered, “No, my dear. That’s your grandfather. We all call him pops because he is the oldest of the tribe.” They stood together as they watched him pad into the family territory.

“Two more hours and it would have been your birthday” whispered Aduks as Malota rubbed his cheek against hers. “Did i come too soon” Malota asked with mischievous look in his eyes

Two more hours to my birthday, and the short post above can be considered as a summary of my life up to date. Its only through God’s mercy and guidance that i have reached here and on the edge of another birthday. And it is only through his protection that i can flourish and be the man that he and my family want me to be. The motivator for this post is a wonderful woman that i am getting to know as a friend. She is not the only wonderful young woman in my life, God blessed me with some friends getting to the end of last year. They have all shaped and are helping to shape my life as man.

I hope to make those two promises and maybe even more this year. I have so much to write about the past year but its in the past and when it comes to this new year, i will leave the writing to God. No one writes better stories than He does.

I asked for a Bible as a gift, that would be the perfect gift for me.

Maybe it isnt a coincidence that a general termed this year as that of the longstroke.

I feel like rumbling on, but i am at work and have to attend to some issue. See you guys soon.


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