No one can tell me otherwise, dancing is a mating ritual, if you ain’t got the feet for it, probability of landing the hottest chick in the club reduces with each song that is played. Whew finally got this out of my system, its been bothering me for some time now. There is no love for you if you cant dance.

Love, love has been a central theme my whole life, from God, to the two wonderful people i am privileged to call parents and that little mouse of a sister. And its also the main reason why i am so full of joy and yet lonely.

I have too much love for a single person. I think the ideal woman for me would be one that gets pregnant instantly when she falls in love with me and gives birth the next minute. That way both of them can share the love and not be overwhelmed.

Rediscovered that spending time with family or people that love and value your presence is the best. Valuing someone’s presence is more than allocating a portion of you day for the person. Its about being actively there. Listening and talking to the person and sometimes just being there. You can be on your phone or reading a book and still make your presence be left.

Ending the year as single as i started but a far more happy guy, learnt a lot about friendship and relationships this year. Cant wait to find out what 2014 has in store for me in terms of relationships. I will work harder at what I already have and really accept that people are different.

Was reminded how i used to ask what food was planned for the next day right after eating, i could ask up to the third day today. I have gained mad weight compared to secondary school. My love for food has never been this strong.

Hope 2014 is a better year.

One thought on “Year

  1. Lol @I have too much love for a single person. Of course love is the central theme of your life & the rest of the human race, whether they acknowledge it or not- relationships are oxygen! Wishing you all the best for 2014!

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