Can They Be Themselves?

In this cold switch room and wondering why I ever wanted to be on a project team and why aren’t women allowed to be themselves?

Why can’t a woman be followed on twitter because she is hilarious? Or has dope tweets? Must a woman’s worth or appeal always be measured based on her beauty?

Why can’t a woman love sex and be open about it? Why can’t she be a happy freak and not be judged? Why are women called hoes and men applauded?

Why do women pull themselves down? Why do we as men not treat them as our equals and partners? Why do we treat them as if they are replaceable?

Women should and need to be there for each other. Stop calling each other names for doing the same thing you do. Bringing someone down to feel good only lasts that long.

Men should treat women better, respect them and see them as equals and partners and not as easily replaceable beings. We shouldn’t mess with their egos and sense of self worth. A woman is more than the physical.

Women should feel free in their sexuality, they should be able to express themselves without shame and name calling. She should be able to tell her partner what she likes and how she wants it without fear of him or her judging her.

Beauty, beauty, beauty. How do you measure it? Which one is measured? the fades with age? Or the one that is seen even in the most ugly moments of times? Is it a smile or an act? Is it the flesh? Body shape? Bust or ass? Why should that define a woman? Why not what she does and her potential?

I am guilty of this the most and this cold has me asking myself why, why do I view women as purely physical. What about the spiritual, intellect, social being?

Women are just like men, same feelings and same intellect.

Oh and why do A cups get the most grief?


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