Rambling ~ When you cannot forget

What makes him tick?

The simple little things, listen to Natasha Bedingfield’s The Little Things to get an idea.

That dimple when he smiles

I stare at the mirror daily looking for that illusive dimple. I smile, I frown, I grin, I make silly faces until I start laughing at my silliness. Looking for something I would never find, allowing your words to bring back that silliness associated with young love. Love that does not know pain, only joy and laughter. Love which is not bounded by the impossible. Love, free to be and do all things. I have always been one to be conscious of my smile, I find it ugly because of my bloodstained teeth. The reason why I always have my head down is my smile and you see a dimple when I smile?

The sheer warmth in his simplicity

They always look through me, never seeing or understand what I stand for. The ice is not only around my heart, it’s all over me. It’s a shield, I am cold. There is nothing warm about me. I am not simple yet it’s all about the simple things for me.

The wise words embedded in his sarcasm

I don’t doubt your words, I just cannot see what you see. I guess I now understand why people ask “Why do you love me?” or “why do you want to be my friend?” . They want to know what you see in them or the reason why it has to be them. I don’t think there must be a single thing or a reason why you should be loved or why you love or want to be with someone.

Hope I find someone like you, I cannot forget these words. She wrote this while we ate the worst pasta ever!

You never miss it till it is gone


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