Sunday Soup

I normally have a first class pepper soup and beer after church service at Big Wills end. It used to be a ritual until work took my most of my Sundays away. I won’t be having one today though I am in church today, why? Because i was forced to wear a super tight trouser that won’t allow me to walk from his end to the roadside.

But let me serve you guys with one, I am calling it Sunday Soup because it is still hot, we just ended with the group study of the bible passage of Nehemiah 4:1-9. It’s about how God hasn’t promised us a trouble free life as Christians, or a life without trials, tribulations and set backs. But he has assured us that we will have a better life at the end of it all. These things are meant to strengthen us and draw us closer to him.

Another thing was the mindset of the people, they had a mind to build, ie rebuild Jerusalem. They did not allow the challenges and opposition to stop them. As humans and then Christians, we should be dedicated to whatever we do. We shouldn’t be discouraged easily. We shouldn’t allow the setbacks to let us stop whatever good that we are doing. We should rather be amped to do more and better.

I have to stop writing now (offertory, bible reading and announcement are done). Either I listen to the sermon or tweet, do pray for me.

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