March Girlfriend Search Chronicles ~ Day 31


What is happening to Father Time, the older he gets, the faster he runs. Unlike Mother Nature. I know 1st March was just yesterday, how come today is the 31st and what happened to my quest?

Day 18 – Let me call day 18 the Yummy Day. I have been on a diet for the entirety of this month. Rachel and I decided that since she was about to leave in a week’s time we should go out and have fun (eat) . We spent the afternoon at Delifrance and I foolishly came up with this “If she takes you to where there is a D, she wants the D” 😀 . We had the loveliest pizza ever IMG_1929 and then a brownie forged in the heavenly flames. I had totally forgotten how unhealthy food was so good to the soul. We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant, the least said about the disaster of food that we had, the better. The remainder of the night was spent at the movies. All in all, it was a great night out. It also drove the point home that Rachel is the girl who I have the most fun with, the girl who I have spent the most time with this year and that I will miss her when she leaves.

Day 21 – On the 18, Rachel told me about her secret place, the place that I am sure to find her if I cannot find her anywhere else. We agreed to go there on Thursday. I was working the graveyard shift that particular week but I was determined to make it. It was a lovely ride to the beach (yes her secret place is a beach). She chose it because “the beach is my secret place because it takes me out of the hustle and bustle of life and forces me to sit down and reflect. and then just by standing in the sea i learn so much about God and about life…its almost like the sea teaches me not in so many words…i go there to be washed. going there is like going to the cross for me…i can go there to meet God and leave all my burdens there and the sea carries them all away…and to think that if the sea, created by God, makes me feel this way….how much more being in his presence?” We spent the day on the beach, building sand castles, she destroying it by stomping on it 😦 , racing along the shore, helping a couple of fisherman to pull their catch in, had lunch and a really good time. I dare say, best day for me this year. Don’t know about her 😦 .

Day 27 – Ever had a crush on someone and thought it was a two-way street? Saddest thing ever when you find out it wasn’t so.

Day 28 – Five months separation, Rachel left the country on Thursday for a five month student exchange program. How cruel can this world be? But it’s for the best, i pray and hope she takes advantage of the opportunity and studies and learns all that she can and more. That she not only develops academically but also spiritually and socially. I sent her to the airport, had our last dinner together (for the next five months only) . it was a good and sad time. I miss her daily. I wish she didn’t go. Her father shares the same sentiments, he couldn’t believe his baby was leaving.

Day 31 – Certainly not the end. I discovered a lot about myself and my future girlfriend. I identified her in myself and in the people i interacted with. I can describe her perfectly now, i can point her out in any crowd. I think i can even name her. Her name is Christian’s Girlfriend lol.

What she is not, she is not perfect, she has her weakness, she has her mood swings and her trust issues. She doesn’t think she is better than her neighbour because of birth or position. She doesn’t need a man to make her feel complete or accomplished. She is a leader and a team member. She is everything a woman should be. She is my support. Her name is Christian’s Girlfriend, and what i love about her is that she will reveal herself at the right time

Happy Easter all

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