March Girlfriend Search Chronicles ~ Day 17

Day 17

I had a breakfast date with Kanyinsola, a princess with a lovely smile. The day started more hectic than usual. My customer Tigo Tanzania had an issue with their MBPN node, so they called to raise an emergency. I spent the whole day at church on Freda (the name of my laptop) I am a Core network Engineer, i have no idea about what goes on in MPBN nodes except that, they process our data requests. But i had to take ownership of the issue, i failed at that but it wont happen again! I told myself that just because i dont work with that node i shouldnt have an idea about the basics about it.

We went to the hotel together instead of meeting up there, it was the right decision. We got to know more about each other in the cab. Wait, i just realised i haven’t introduced her or how we met. Let me start with how i found out that she was in the country. I was busy scouting my timeline looking for an innocent damsel to pester for the night, when i noticed an interesting convo between Amanda, David and Kayin. She was busy organizing a movie date with them. I couldn’t believe she could be that evil, to be in town and not inform me 😦 . I slinked into her DM, asked a couple of questions and we agreed on the date.

This should inform you that I met her off twitter, like so many other great friends that I’ve made. Its a social network and its normal that you meet all kinds of characters there. When I see tweets that your followers are not your friends, I just laugh. Not all want your good but there are some that wish you well and desire only the good for you. You have to recognize them and appreciate them.

I warned her about my current diet and that she was about to release the wolf in me. I apologized for what I knew was in store for her, the diet had limited me to just tea and two miserable slices of bread. I am ashamed to admit that I over ate. I forgot any manners that I had and wolfed down every and anything on the menu. She gave me the look, the are you serious look.

After our breakfast, we strolled to the beach, took off our shoes and just talked. We spoke for some time. I tried taking pictures but she didn’t want none of that. I got a couple of lovely ones though. The beach wasn’t packed and it was just lovely.

Kayin is a soft spoken girl who has her opinions and is not scared to share them. It is something that I greatly admire in a woman, ie both qualities. I believe you can get your point across without shouting or being abusive. I want a girlfriend just like her.

Day 16? Wondering what happened on day 16? Work and all its added issues. I was at the poolside and I got called in, I don’t want to go into details, it just messed up my day.

At the end of the day, I went home knowing I had to visit Nigeria this year. Lol and that Kayin (according to the cab driver) is a giver of life, go figure :p


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