Trust….trust is like a big cake

This post might not make sense because I took the private portions out. But this was sent to me by my perfect swimming partner, Rachel. I foolishly put her in a bad place because I was jealous (wanted to use over protective but that would have been a lie). I love her not because we are related but because of who she is. Hope you get something out of it.

Trust….trust is like a big cake, anyone who knows anything about baking or even how to eat a cake knows that a cake is not just a cake that you pluck off trees (duuh). A cake is a combination of things, likewise trust. Before I trust you, I know you. I’ve walked with you and talked with you. I’ve walked the labyrinth of your mind and gotten lost there….comfortably…unafraid. Before I trust you I know what you believe in and more importantly why you believe. Before I trust you, my heart must feel a calm in your presence: it must feel and time must confirm….Before I trust you, I should be able to be myself around you, hold nothing back.


Before I trust you…Before I trust you, let me know where you are coming from, where you are, where you are headed, and why you want to go there. Before I trust you, tell me about your hopes and dreams, your wants and needs, let me understand why you do what you do. Before I trust you I must hope with you, in you. Before I trust you, I should love you.  Not the kind of love that makes a man want to take a woman to his bed, but the kind of love that says there’s no way ill let you go through this on your own, you’ll always have me here….yes we’ll argue, and we may not see eye to eye on certain things, but at the end of the day ill come back to you. Before I trust you, I wouldn’t want to lie to you: I’d find it difficult to do that. Before I trust you I’d take the things you say to heart and ponder over them. If a cake and by extension trust is to look good and taste good, these ingredients among others not mentioned must be available. But like cakes, it is a matter of preference, some cakes use milk, others don’t. Some cakes may have baking soda, or powder. Some may use vanilla, others strawberry or chocolate…but there are always the basics…. Flour, eggs and shortening: loyalty, friendship, security,…. Trust…Its the key to every relationship. Well at least one of the keys: because a relationship involves more than one person its not as simple as one door one key (fortunately or unfortunately). What am I trying to say? Well because I trust you, when I do something I weigh it, and this may all sound like some lunatic ranting about something that doesn’t make sense, but when I say I trust you, I mean I have no reservations about you…I love you just the way you are. Imperfections and all….it may not make sense, but trust, love and hope are so deeply intertwined that well trust alone cannot make sense on its own…like no one ingredient can make the cake on its own, like cake is better with ice-cream or icing… what am I trying to say? Well because I trust you, being with you is like eating cake…comfort food.


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