This piece was sent in by a friend, hope you enjoy it

Can I say I’m sad
Would that make me feel any better
Can I pretend the bad situations didn’t occur
Would that erase certain memories I wish I could do away with
How about the cold frontier
Does that even change anything
Well I’ve been alone all my life
Even with a big family
They stayed on shuffle
So nothing lasted
Just passing by memories
Never got to create any bond
Always had to be on my guard
Never to love too deep
Young hearts and heartbreaks don’t go well together
Leaves a bitter taste
And a deep scar
After a while it feels numb
Numb to every other feeling
But then another spark lights it all up again
And you are the only one that feels it
A great feeling that makes you giggle even in silence
Day dreaming
It’s always so beautiful
A refreshing feeling
Gets you in a good mood everytime the thought crosses your mind
A feeling of being wanted and needed
Cursed with the need to be needed
Another sad bit of the story
Looking for affection from all the wrong places
A smile, a hug, a touch is then mistaken for the unknown
Looking for something you wish to experience because thinking about it feels so good
Lost in your thoughts
You know you are ready
You have been ready since birth
Ready to show something yet to be experienced
I hear stories
I see it around
But not too common
So it makes you wonder if its even worth it
All the time put spent
And the tears if it fails
The strong ones dust themselves up
Get back on track and live
Have meaningless sex
Live by the day
Make mistakes and regret later
Then get hit again
And the previous process repeats itself all over again
I guess it’s a never ending cycle
You get hurt
You wallow for a while
Your own timing
Then you fall in and out till you meet the ‘right one’
Is there such a thing?
Another endless search leading to heartbreaks and disappointments
But that won’t be a hinderance
No good thing easy
It involves hard work
Hard work that might or might not yield the desired results
Then we come back to the question of what is ‘right’?
What we think is ‘right’ might not be
All you can do is just pray ad hope for the best
He knows what is right
Sometimes all you need is someone you can get along with
Someone with mutual feelings
No settling
That’s the beginning of the end of bond that was never established
Compromising all the time
Not knowing what the other actually feels because you are scared to drive them away with too much questions
You just accept whatever comes your way
Be it good or bad
But still live
Live to see brighter days

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