March Girlfriend Search Chronicles ~ Day 10

I wrote and posted this yesterday but somehow the full post did not go up, and i had no draft so i have to start it all over again. But such is life, every good thing done can come unravelled in a second. Relationships are like that, but unlike most cases, they don’t get unravelled totally, we see the unravelling and decide to let it get undone totally without doing anything. We stop caring and stop working at them. We just go through the motions. We see the warning signs, the silent spells that are no longer comforting, the caustic words constantly being exchanged, the erosion of trust etc

Day 10, a day that taught me how important trust is, and how much two can achieve if they trust each other.

I had my day off and as usual, the only and best place to spend it was the pool. Apart from my love for water, my eyes and heart always leave satisfied. I had already agreed to meet up with Rachel to spend the day watching movies and swimming. The day started off with her trying to play a prank on me with me ending up shouting “boo” from behind the hedges when her prank failed. She had sent a message saying that she wont be able to make it, my whole day started crumbling, my thoughts got messed up. She had me where she wanted me, luckily for me i turned around and saw her walking towards the pool from her car and looking at her phone.

This was her second time in her adult life, entering a pool to “swim” . The first time was about three weeks ago. I gently guided her into the middle of the pool. We horsed around with me being as M’ish as possible. We did the usual, breathe challenges, splashing water etc. I spent about an hour teaching her how to relax and trust the water, not that i am a good swimmer myself but i can safely pass off as a clumsy whale. The next thirty was getting her to trust me totally that i won’t allow her to drown even though i was also a learner. We slowly made progress and at the end of the day, Rachel was moving from one end of the short end of the pool to the other, totally moving under water like a fish missing a fin but yeah we love it like that lol.

I want that in a partner, someone who trusts me, someone who is not afraid to achieve her dreams and is willing to take the necessary second step. Trust is a very important part of relationships. It makes or breaks them. Our words of affirmation and encouragement can get someone to find that extra push in them. We all want people that help us be better, that help us develop but we should also be that for others. I need to feel that with you, that i can do anything and be safe, that we can trust each other with our finances and our dreams.

Lack of trust and belief can affect self belief, it can cause underachieving or drive the person higher. But why not support them, why let people feel inadequate? why not be a source of motivation? I am sorry but if you are negative minded, i cannot have anything to do with you.

I cannot stress how important trust is to me, I put it up there with Respect and Love.

Went to bed knowing i had helped someone start something, i hope she develops a love for water. That means more swimming time spent at her side :p . I wish that at the end of this search, i recognise people who i can trust and who i can put my trust in.

Have a good evening


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