March Girlfriend Search Chronicles ~ Day 8

Its been a whole day since I last posted anything about my search, that should give a clue as to how it is going. Work and spending time with family.

I spent day 8 being the best engineer I could be in the office, identifying the problems, understanding, finding the cause and solving it. It is unfortunate that I cannot apply it to the real world effectively, I know it can be done.

On the social network scene, it was the usual crowd, but I picked out one group of ladies, the angry ones. Why are there such bitter ladies out there? Not only towards men but also to their fellow women. I really want to understand this, I know I can’t date such a person, a person who cannot forgive and let go. One who is not willing to give herself a shot at happiness but spends each day going off at others. There is a lot I don’t know but one thing I do know, we are all not the same yet we are all equals. I cannot go through life expecting people to have the same values and principles as I. People won’t do things the way I would or say what I would in a given situation, this should be enough to inform me that disappointment is bound to happen. One must accept it, forgive and move on. Granted that there are some things that we as humans find difficult to forgive but we shouldn’t allow them to stain our souls and take our joy away.

I am sorry but I cannot and will not entertain a bitter female in my life. I love my cheerful disposition too much to allow myself to be corrupted.

Have a blessed day


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