March Girlfriend Search Chronicles ~ Day 7

Goodness, Day 7!!! Best day so far, wait did i say that for one of the other days? Imagine spending the day with someone who was once your all, someone you totally loved and worshipped. Essie is the only person who knows me the most, she knows things about me no one else will ever find out not even the wife ie if i do marry (I would have forgotten -_-) . I spent the day with her at the pool, before i continue let me introduce our relationship briefly

I met Essie my first year in Uni, i fell for her not at once but it was gradual and unavoidable, our friendship blossomed, we never became lovers or an item; she didn’t love me in that way. We were study and eating partners, i did more of the eating. I loved her brain and still do, she was the best student in my year group. We had issues in our final year and during our national service period, hurtful words were exchanged. There were moments in which I thought the friendship was over, I thank God it isn’t though it isn’t the same.

We went from spending months together to fleeting minutes and hours. Having all the time in the world to now looking for a couple of hours to have a meaningful visit.

The day was filled with laughter, conversations about our future (individual lives) , friends, why she was still single (Yes Lord! I don’t think I can ever make it to her wedding) Her lack of sleep etc. It had been weeks since we last met and it felt good catching up, planning our next meet and horsing around in the water (the pictures taken? Priceless!!)

I wish we would spend more time together because I feel happy when with her but the pain and disappointment of the past dictates otherwise. One thing I do know is that I love her and will always do. We are meant to have one of those deep and meaningful friendships, nothing more.
I have only myself to blame for that, I’ll forever be thankful that her rebuttal did not end our friendship. I should have accepted the “no” as no and not spent years wishing that it would magically turn into a “yes”. Sorry about this, this is a chronicle of how my day went.

I spent the evening with my sister and Rachel, we went out for sushi and to have one more get together before Rachel leaves for Germany. How come a lot of people don’t like sushi? It is heaven! So pure and primal.

Spending a day with people you genuinely care about does you a lot of good, see me with an extra smile on my face 🙂 . Have a blessed day.


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