March Girlfriend Search Chronicles ~ Day 6

Day Six was quite an uneventful day. It was filled with work and more work. So in terms of searching, I dare say it was a wasted day. 

But I will still like to share something. I love words and the power that they have. The power to destroy and to build, words can cause a great transformation of someone’s life.
I believe words should be chosen carefully when one is angry. You might regret the hateful things said later on in life. You might feel justified in saying them but trust me, I have said some things and heard some that I wish had never left the mouths they came from. Words visit a place where no sword can, they leave a scar, memory that might never heal.
So please be mindful of the words you share daily and the ones when you are in a bad mood. Why don’t we all build and create with our words? Isn’t it way better than tearing people down?
Think about it, have a great day.

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