March Girlfriend Search Chronicles ~ Day 5

Day Five has to be one of the fun days so far in the girlfriend search, it was a National holiday, the birthday of the Nation. Had breakfast with a friend, swam and had lunch with some friends and then played golf with more friends at the mini golf course.

Though it was a fun day, I wish I had read my devotion for today (day six) a day before. This is the portion that got to me. “When I’m listening to a friend, I need to remind myself to focus on him, not to begin wondering how I look, what he thinks of me, what I should say next. Let’s put others first by listening in rapt attention, concentrating on the one in front of us, forgetting ourselves.”

If I had applied this, day five would have been even better. My breakfast referred to both of us as antisocial beings, why? Because we were both on our phones for 80% of the time. 15 was spent eating and the remainder chatting. It hit me that it isn’t the time but the quality of the time spent.

How the time spent with other is as important as making that time for them. Your “presence” is needed. Make it about the other, the person could have had you call them or sent you a text message, but there is something about the human presence that phone calls or even Skype cannot replicate. This is what makes the person recollect the time spent with you fondly or not. That quality, that extra attention to words and details, responding to questions not with nods or curt responses, actually expressing interest in what the person is saying all go to reaffirm how you feel about the friendship/relationship.

Can i admit that i am feeling the strain of searching, though there hasn’t been an actual active search? Maybe i am tired of feeling like i need a girlfriend. I don’t know what it is but one thing i know is Adam was given an Eve, there was a reason for that. Maybe i need to find the reason why i need an Eve and ask God for my own Eve.

Spend quality time, stay blessed


One thought on “March Girlfriend Search Chronicles ~ Day 5

  1. What you need is to wait, so you enjoy the time you have now to discover yourself. Don’t force, just let it come. Adam waited you know, he got busy and then Eve came during his “rest”.
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