March Girlfriend Search Chronicles ~ Day 3

It has taken a lot to start typing, I am tired, tired of working, tired of Chelsea losing games and underachieving, tired of looking (3 days aint nothing short) , tired of being single, I just want to be loved! Is that too difficult? or am i meant not to be loved.

Day Three started on a good note, I woke up happy and fresh. I was ready for the diet challenge to begin. I had a small bowl of yoghurt for breakfast. Spent the rest of the morning on the road. Got to work earlier than usual, I hate when that happens .

Day three was full of work and barely any interaction with anyone outside work. Oh and yeah I will be the Customer Technical Manager for Tigo Ghana, Rwanda and Tanzania for a week. I ‘ll be the interface between Ericsson and The Networks, all technical escalations would pass through me. I hope and pray that I learn from that experience and perform well.

My day got interesting around 11pm, I don’t really know what was happening or what happened on my timeline, all I could see were subs. I locked onto one account and read the person’s tweets. I came to this conclusion which is totally independent of what happened on the timeline since I don’t know what was happening.

Some men cannot stand a woman who is opinionated, we prefer them quiet and subservient. it’s a sad thing. We take that leader or head role too far, women were not created or do not exist to be below men. A woman and a man are equals, we exist to support each other. One cannot do without the other. I wont and cannot love a woman who is quiet and cannot express herself. One who cannot disagree with good reason, one who is scared to talk least she drives me away.

That mentality must be done away with, I was once told that a relation(ship) had to do with people being in a ship. Now imagine running that shit alone, no help from the other person on it. No second opinions, what happens when you are tired? what if you cannot recognize that tiny cloud in the sky as a heavy storm approaching? What if that thing in the water is a whale? what if you are about to ran aground? You have silenced your partner, the only person close to you who can warn you.

The other thing that got my attention was the phrase “upgraded house help” , don’t know the genesis of this either but one thing I say is that a person’s position does not determine what the person can achieve or what the person could if given the same opportunity or similar background. I love you for what you are and what you will be. It’s not only about the present, it’s also about the future, do I think you will grow with each passing day to be a better person and help me also to grow?

That sums up Day Three, have a lovely day folks

“My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude.” – Warsan Shire


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