Love Is More Than Enough

Friday was my parents anniversary, the day they came together before God and man and vowed to live together all the days of their lives. They had no idea about the kids God would give them or the kind of future they would have, but one thing they knew and were sure of was their love for each other. 

The day before the anniversary, I wrote on twitter that Love is never enough, I was corrected and informed that vagina is never enough. I agree, vagina is never enough, we need love also. But this isn’t about that, it’s about the wonderful gift that God gave my sister and I, our parents. Two great individuals who are so different yet the same, they compliment each other like no other. My dad is the pillar of strength and my mum the calm breeze  of unity and peace. I was just a baby when my kid sister died, though I have never spoken about it before I remember the nights she spent crying and how my dad was there for her. How he comforted her and nursed her back. 
Sitting in the car behind them as we head for church, I cannot count the number of times I have struggled with them about going to church and how I want to find my way. Yet still I find myself attending most Sundays, smh. Listening to my dad happily telling her stories, very outrageous ones but she listening and asking questions and they sharing that same laughter they have for the past 27 years. 
They have taught me that Love is more than enough, and that with it everything is possible. It reminds me of the passage that says for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. We are all saved because God loved us, we were/are unfaithful to Him, disrespected Him, chased other gods but yet still He remained faithful and gave us His very best for our redemption. I haven’t been the best of kids or the worst but I certainly do not deserve the love these two keep on showering me with. The countless sacrifices, tears and prayers for me. The will to see myself and Barbara succeed, the savings and sacrifices so that us kids can have a comfortable life, mummy working out of retirement to see me through Uni, Daddy working tirelessly despite his condition and stubbornly forgoing his meals during the day so we can have something at the end of the day. He going all the way to Kumasi to try and help me gain admission into Tech and finally calling me that I should come over to GTUC and sign the forms (without my permission >.< ) but it all played out perfectly, I landed my dream job with Ericsson backed by their prayers.
Love can do everything as far as you are willing to let it. They allowed love to mould  and shape  their life and they make decisions based on it. I can sincerely say they haven’t regretted a single day spent together, they don’t need to word it, it shows in their actions and attitude towards each other. 
Love is certainly enough
If you find true love, if you are blessed with this precious gift from God above; keep it, cherish it, work towards it and let it never go.
Never forget to thank God for it
For love real love true deep sincere love is enough
Wrote this with my Sister

2 thoughts on “Love Is More Than Enough

  1. This is beautiful. May they celebrate many more anniversaries together. And may we in this generation with our materialism and need for instant gratification, understand the beauty of sacrifice.

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