I Miss You

MI  miss you.

No, let me explain…

I miss you.

I miss the drops of sweat that fall off your body

I miss you. 

I miss the scars i leave on your back

Those little marks caused by my nails. 

I miss you.

I miss you holding me when I’m about to sleep 

You whispering sweet words in my ear

You playing with my hair 

I miss you. 

I miss the yelling

The misunderstandings

The fights

The bitter endings 

I miss you.

Not being here when i want you

Then showing up when i least expect 

I miss you.

That part of you you’ve locked up

Shut me out

Kept away from me

I miss you.

Those little moments of sincerity 

Randomly blurting out cute things i don’t expect to hear

I miss you. 

Your smile

That one you have when you see me

How you run to hug me and then hold me tight

I miss you.

That feeling you try to hide when i’m leaving

That goodbye kiss

I miss you. 

The jealousy

The things you refuse to say even when i know you’re hurting 

I miss you

The reality of things i keep hiding from myself

You keep hiding from me

I miss you.

The fact that you may never understand

Will never understand how deep this likeness flows

I miss you.

Holding on to my phone

Waiting for you to pick up but you never do

At least not when i want you to 

I miss you.

The times i’ll call 

You pick up

I hear your voice

Then i end the call


Just because the reality, the truth, the fact is harder for me to face

So i’ld rather just lie to myself that things are gonna be ok

I miss you.

But we may never be together

And even if i find someone else

I’ll always wonder 

Wonder what it’ll be like to have you

All to myself

All the time

I miss you.

And thats just the plain truth




Come back to me.

Sent in by an Anon 🙂



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