Untitled for now

Goodbyes are not goodbyes anymore
The pieces that used to be my heart
Have forgotten how it feels to be whole
And then there you are. Green on my chat.
Tweet on my TL. A like on my updates. Like u never left.
Like I can say hi. Like I won’t shatter again

Friendships are not friendships anymore.
I know phone numbers but I don’t know
how to dial. Yours spell out the funny
word on the old keypad we laughed about. Once
Twice. I hang up. Can’t let you hear me breathe. Or choke a sob.
Betrayed by the call log. Sorry, pocket dial; pathetic voice.

I am not me anymore. LOL
Instagram joy; are you hurting like I am?
But you laugh in every photo. Is it fake? Were you fake? Network
Issues stop your calls? No I won’t do this to me.
I once was. I ONCE WAS! A King till I gave you
my heart, and you made it into 140

Maybe I don’t belong in this age anymore.
What I have saying takes time and blood, so paper it is.
Will it mean more to you if the ink is smudged with my tears?
That I carefully choose each word and put flesh on my pain?
Or I’ll just see typing…
For months and you’ll return LOL

~ Leon

This lovely post is untitled, Can you please help with a title? Please use the comments section to share your thoughts also.


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