Letter to Nigeria

Hello Nigeria,
This is not from one of your sons but from a nephew, this letter is to wish you a grand and peaceful Independence Day. History books tell me a lot about your past, how great you were before the white man came, what you went through and how you gained your independence. But I am not interested in your past, I’m sorry 😦 . I am interested in your present and in the future, what you are doing and what you can do.
I got to really know you through your numerous kids who I met on the internet. They are a vibrant bunch, full of life and ideas. I get most of my information about Nigeria from twitter and the news.
The main thing that has been bothering me is Boko Haram, You are old and well experienced so all I want to say about this is that everyone has rights and no man’s right must cause harm to the other. You can’t impose your religious beliefs on others. They either accept it or don’t. If you really care about a group of people, you wont be killing them or their friends.
I don’t know much about your oil, but don’t you think it will be a good thing if the money was shared a bit equally 🙂 among all the federal states? A balanced nation is a happy nation.
You send most of your young ones outside to further their education and to gain valuable knowledge that will help in developing you further, this is noble and the fact that most return is laudable. But I think it is time you invested in your educational system. Let the people have faith in you, that you can produce equally good or better graduates. Your engineers, lawyers, doctors, agriculturalists etc have all come back and are helping build a better Nigeria.
I noticed one thing about your Kids, they don’t think you are doing well, I don’t blame them. They are in the system and therefore they know what you are capable of. But this happens in our families and individual lives, our friends think we have it good, but only we know what is really going on. We smile and yet wail in the inside. But I think you are on the right path. There are and will be challenges but it is your approach and outlook on them that will determine your success or failure.
From the many interactions I have had with your Children I know for a fact that you have a bright future, You have people who question everything and keep on pushing the boundaries, they read wide and are not scared to share their opinions, whether its right or not. If you don’t doubt, it is difficult to believe. You have to question and then build on what you find out to gain something out of it.
An area that I think you should concentrate on is Agriculture. Africa needs an agriculture giant and I think you can be that giant. You have a huge land mass. Invest in your people; train them to be good agriculturalists. Provide them with the latest technology and knowledge. Subsidize the price of fertilizers and machinery. Be an encouraging mother to them.
You know where you came from and where you want to end up, Work it ceaselessly.
Happy Independence Day Mama Nigeria


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