Dear God, if I gave all my love away…could I have a refill?


Was sitting behind a table nursing a drink and having a conversation with my date. I could not wait for the food. We were discussing a tweet I read earlier on my timeline, i don’t remember the exact wording but I think it’s went like this “if even his girlfriend doesn’t cook for him, the guy in a relationship eats better than the single guy” Why will a couple out on a date discuss this? Foremost my date was myself…secondly what at all is he eating that the single guy can’t eat?

Was it the female companionship? Or was the food sex? Like for real? We just could not understand it, maybe you can help us. One thing I have learnt is that no one can make me as happy as I can, no one does it as well as I can! I am happy when I am alone and when I am with people, I love being in the background. My joy is in no one’s hands, it might get tied in with someones joy one day but until then I will forever be happy and have all my crazy thoughts.

As our dinner progressed we kept being interrupted by the waiter, I don’t know whether it was the quantity of food being consumed or he genuinely thought I was going crazy with me smiling at my phone. I was smiling because I was satisfying my thirst on instagram ๎„… . I was on Eee’s page


I was reading the comments and remembering our conversations on twitter, most of the comments were about how beautiful she was and yet humble. One could tell her friends genuinely admired and loved her. I found myself asking how will you feel if she was your girlfriend? Will you remain faithful? The answers? Proud and No.

Why will I be proud? I like people who are good in whatever field they find themselves and yet remain cool and humble, very approachable and ready to teach. Here was a young lady who wasn’t haughty or nothing of the sort, just a regular lady with a beauty to die for

Why will I cheat? It’s me, I don’t think I am ready or ready to be responsible yet. I still love a game of flirting. The chase, the mind games etc.

Will I remain this way forever of course not, I might even be ready at the end of this post. All I know right now is that I know where my source of joy is and that is very important. Do you know that hymn…. Will your Anchor hold? Yeah when the storms of life come rushing in, what will I hold unto, can I provide a strong shoulder for two if I don’t know where my own strength is? My Anchor is Christ, though my chain link is weak, I am working on it. Strengthening it daily or should I say weekly? My joy is myself, not my possessions or work or my pot belly.

What sort of woman will I look for when I am ready? A creator, someone who has gifts, someone who can make a career out of what she loves doing. Someone who can survive if she loses her job today. Someone who will tell my kids “hey follow your heart, but make sure you are a professional in that field” oh she has to be mad sexy in her own skin/confidence. She shouldn’t be like me.

“Dear God, if I gave all my love away…could I have a refill?” Fortunately the kids book I read said yes, the cup of love never runs dry, I can keep on loving for eternity and loving everyone around me. I can pour it unto the flames of hatred around me and quench them, I can feed the poor kid down the road with it and he will be full, love is something that never ends it’s as eternal as God and as powerful as Him since He is love. Never stop loving, remember God just is, He was and will be. There was no cause, so you don’t need a reason to love, just love . In Jeremiah 29:11 He says,

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you…thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end”

So I know I am covered, He has His own plans for me!


9 thoughts on “Dear God, if I gave all my love away…could I have a refill?

  1. “my joy is in no oneโ€™s hands”…beautiful, you just put a smile on my face, great post!!!

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