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“Finna do a lovecrime, lovecrime, finna do a lovecrime”
Another Valentine’s day spent alone, yes I know its still morning but I know how my day is going to end so there is no need for unnecessary hope. I am not one who is against the idea of setting aside a special day for celebrating Love, I think it is similar to attending church services on Sundays, to worship and praise God and be refilled, even though you do that on a daily basis. Well that’s me.

But what I don’t get is the whole focus on gifts, transient things that are soon forgotten but quickly remembered when Valentine’s day approaches again. People want jewelry, new phones, chocolates , cake, outings etc. There is nothing wrong in all that but do you desire your partner the whole year as you desire for gifts this day? The pride with which you show off your new bracelet or watch is that the pride with which you wear your relationship?

Do people see you wearing your relationship? Can people tell that you are in one and totally love the person? Or you leave them wondering whether you are single or not? Does your partner feel supported or secure with you? Or you change/take them off as you do the jewelry? Love is not something that comes and goes, its eternal or so I think but I know it’s a love crime if you only show it when it suits you. One last thing that I don’t get is, you hardly show the person attention the whole year and suddenly you think one day of attention is supposed to make up for all the lost time before and after the day? Huh? Please how does that work out? Please help me here.

TeamForeverAlone? Nope more of TeamNotReady or TeamNotPrepared Entering a relationship just so that you are not single is the worst. You don’t love the person! I think this meaningless rant has to be brought to an end. Happy Valentine’s day to you all. No love crimes today


11 thoughts on “Lovecrimes

  1. So so so true!! Love this piece!!! I also believe that It doesn’t matter whether you give or do not receive a gift, a call or visit is enough to make someone feel loved. It’s the thought that matters the most. Too much emphasis placed on gifts and presents but those are just materialistic items.

  2. when people act in uncertain ways, other keep guessing their relationship status.
    They seem to be all things to all as it suits them.
    Its the trap of social networking. people can take up any guise/personality they want per time. Ofcos all this uncertainty has a way on telling on the state of your heart and somehow seeps out and keeps would-be great tins (love-wise in this case) at bay.


    feel free to take me to the gallows.

  3. Never agree on buyn smting to show certain emotions towards sm1 anyway. If you can’t use your heart use your head. Its the thought that counts. plus w/ sm1 u ker. Ah about anyday can be vals dae 😀 Nice piece.
    Sorry it pushd down to *supper read* lol.

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