Rant: Time Hoarders

Grrr don’t how to term the people in life so let me group them into two; Time Givers and Time Keepers.

Time Givers are the ones always there, ready to give a listening ear, to hang out with, mess around with etc because they want to do it. People who give you their time willingly.

Time keepers are the ones who crave for your attention, who want to be around you while they pass the time. People who are in relationships and yet demand that you devote your time to them. People who don’t value time normally fall under this category, people who can’t decide who they should date and keep juggling the hearts of others fall under this category, people who waste their employers time etc….

Everyone loves a giver especially a cheerful one 🙂 but we all sometimes end up being a keeper, it’s human nature but when we consistently do it regardless of the fact that we are wasting someones time and giving the person the wrong impression it becomes distasteful.

Value the time people spend with you and value the time you give to others, time is very precious. If someone cares about you, finding time to spend with you will not be much of a problem ( not always true) .

I guess all I want to say is don’t demand time from me, if you matter I will willingly give you my all.

4 thoughts on “Rant: Time Hoarders

  1. As much as I hate to admit this, I am a ‘keeper.’ But I give too, so I guess it’s not too bad? Right? :s
    I’m learning sha. To value other people’s time especially. Sigh*
    I should read this every time I ‘backslide.’

  2. guilty of many things.. you have a point..
    it’s easy crossing the line (giver >> keeper)
    and I guess (as in my case) just as easy crossing back; when things change..

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