What once was!

I get to start the new year on my blog with a beautiful Poem from The Lovely Nene

I’m here,
The new me,
Wondering where it all went wrong,
You’re sitting there,
The new you,
Empty eyes,
No warmth.

How quickly feelings change,
How the one you love becomes the one you loved,
How the feelings you swore you’d feel forever,
Become so distant it’s almost as if you imagined them,
How the kisses that made your heart beat so fast,
Don’t even make your heart flutter,
Not even a stir,

How what is supposed to be forever,
Becomes what was once,
Maybe forever came too quickly,
Maybe forever was too soon,
Perhaps forever was today all along,
Or probably we became those we swore so desperately that we’d never become,

Those people who didn’t work hard enough,
Those people that didn’t want it desperately enough,
Those people that didn’t try for long enough,

The flame that once burned fiercely barely burns at all,
How the light that shone brightly almost doesn’t shine anymore,
How never became ever,
A dull ache where a beating heart should be,
A candle where a burning bush once was,
A wilting rose where a garden once grew,

Is it that I am fickle?
Is it that you are not the one?
Is it that it is all my fault?
Is this how all stories end?
Or perhaps just mine,

Or just maybe the song has come to an end,
Maybe this love has run it’s course,
Maybe the people that once loved are gone,
Leaving behind you,
And me,
And the memories of an emotional paradise,

And we are left behind,
And me,
Left to feel the pain,
Left to bear the hurt,
Left to tell the story,
The story of a love that once was.



11 thoughts on “What once was!

  1. *we became those we swore so. desperately that we’d never become.* B’cos wen u r not there yet u reli don’t kno how or what’s gona happen. Personali I still and wud always believe that what u hav now, u work with it and let tomoro take ker of its self. Aims, ambitns, promisez…. They are all still in tomoro. If u can handle today tomoro will take ker of its self. If u don’t handle today tomoro will never happen.

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