Role Model

My sister’s role model, why do you give my sister a false sense of freedom? Of not being accountable to anyone but yourself? Why do you claim to be a Queen and yet can’t respect and love your subjects?

Role model, why do you tell her about the joys of sex without mentioning the consequences of unprotected sex? Why do you fail to tell her about STD’s , pregnancy or failed humans who might force her to do things she is not willing to do.

I once read that people like you are not always happy, Have you told  her that you get lonely also? Does she know about the sleepless nights that you spend crying and wishing you had not done some of the things that you declare proudly? Does she know about your first STD? or how you wish you had known that STDs are not etched on the foreheads of those who have them? That condom use is the only option when it comes to premarital sex? Does she know the real purpose of your abuse of make-up?

Do you need to get drunk to have fun? Do you need to announce your presence at an event by being the one with the most daring attire or by creating a raucous. Do you need to have multiple partners? Do you need a “sugar daddy”?

I am not blaming you, I blame my parents, they should have been our role models, if after living with them for so long and we are not inspired by them, they have failed. If we are not challenged by their ‘history’ and ‘achievements’ to be like them, they have failed us. They are the ones to teach us how to grow, not you! You are still a child, what do you know? Don’t give me the crap about age not being equal to maturity, we talking about responsibility, guidance and love. I blame the generation before us, they could have set a better example for us. I blame myself for not being there for my sister, for not living in a manner worth emulating.

How many of us are role models to our younger siblings or kids around us? We don’t always choose to play that role, some kids get attached to us and look up to us, we unconsciously become Heroes and Heroines. How do we act? Are our lives worth emulating? Are we the right examples for the younger generation? Is our future safe if they grow up and become our exact replicas? Will society be dysfunctional?

A good role model is one who does not deny the weakness or his or her past but has worked on them and is a shining example of how to live or to behave. A role model is supposed to inspire people to become better, and willing to help others get to where he or she is. A role model can be anyone whose life acts as an example for you but a good role model sets a positive example. They provide an approach on how to make it

This post was inspired  by a wonderful birthday post by a daughter to her mum, my little “booski” on twitter and many others who through their pursuit of what they love (Good things) motivate me daily.

 I hope i made sense

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