Prologue to "B#%*! You Must Be Blind"

This is a poem by @AsToldByLeo Enjoy


My dear sister, you must be blind

Cos if you’re not blind,
Then you must be some sort of stupid
Watching him walk in and out of yours
Like he owns it
And yet never even bothering
To phone in
See how you’re doing
How your mother is
No, he doesn’t need a million dollars
Or some spinning rims to love you
But when he can’t take out the time
To utter a simple ‘how do you do?’
Dear sister I hope you’re blind cos
If not, you must be some sort of stupid
Lady friend, I think you’re blind
Cos if not
That would mean you may be
Something like stupid
He doesn’t take you out,
Doesn’t show you off
Even after all those pounds you lost
You did it all for him
But he never noticed
Sweetheart, you should have known this:
The only person you should change you for
Is you
Parading your own self around
Like any proud woman should
Take your claws out of that man,
Cos he sure as hell
Ain’t got his arms around you
You say you can’t
I say you’re blind…
That would be better than some sort of stupid
Girl, please tell me you’re blind
Because I’d hate to find out
You’re some sort of stupid
Watching him play with your mind
And your heart
I thought I knew you to be that smart
Smart enough to see he’s not worth it
Don’t get me wrong,
See no one’s perfect
But when it’s happened
Over and over again
I’d think you’d have learnt some sense
To see he’s not right for you
And to understand
He’s not even worth you
That you deserve to be
More than the girl on the side
More than his promises
To make you his ride or die
I truly wish you were blind
Because you’ll only hurt yourself
Being that stupid
B#%*!, you MUST be blind…
Can’t nobody BE this stupid
I watch you smile at his words
Slick like oil
You drink them up
Like you’ve never heard any better
A man so wrong
You can’t ever be right together
You know it deep down
Nobody has to tell you
But that desire
Not in your heart
Doesn’t want it to be through
Cos he knows the right words
And he knows the right spots
But does he even know your name
After the song stops?
Mmmm… let’s just say you’re blind
Cos I love you too much to call you stupid
Women, we’ve all been blind
But we don’t have to be stupid
We’ve believed for the sake of love
That any man can rise above
That stereotype
Of all being alike…
And I believe they can
But please don’t think
You can try to change a man
to something that suits your plans
Just be the type of woman
Who makes a man want to change for you
like any man who sees a good thing would do
It’s ok to be blind from time to time
But believe me: you don’t have to be stupid.


Its fairly self explanatory and it cuts across the gender divide.


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