Who are you?

Who are you and what have you done with her???

My voluptuous super sexy warm friend???

The one whose laughter is deep and rich

The one who smiles and I could swear night turns to day

The one everyone came to for advice and comfort…

The one who loved deeply and truly

The one who sent us monthly well-wishes and scared us from her side with her crazy behaviour??

My friend who wore no jewelry but was the most beautiful jewel i had ever seen???

Watching someone change is painful, remembering who they were hurts…

What kills is watching them deny the change everyday

This is a little piece my little sister sent to me today…i find it interesting because i am still debating with myself whether people change or we just failed to see them the way they were, we idolized them or whether we are the ones who have changed or people are a reflection of us and our environments …as you can see i am very confused.

Who are you??


4 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. Lovely piece but i think she’s not changed that much. maybe there r no reasons to do those things again. or the pple who triggered these are gone.

  2. Oh, she most certainly changed.
    People often jump into concluding someone who is now different to what they remembered him/her as was previously pretending.. or is now.
    People change.. grow.. develop.. some faster, some slower. But we all do. Characteristics and traits that used to lie doormat are brought to live, while others naturally take a more side-way position or temporarily disappear all-together.. maybe even finally.

    It is always best to see the BEST in the CURRENT- whatever that may be.

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