I Hope They Will Dream

@deolaaa “I want my generation to be the one that would find the cure to cancer. God help us.

That is someone’s dream and prayer, I fell asleep sunday thinking about how I could affect someone’s life positively before the year ends. When I had that thought I was thinking about a massive and immediate impact but I know I was able to achieve that yesterday not big but definitely an impact which I hope will let Deolaa’s wish come to pass (but I wish it will happen earlier).

As part of the social responsibilities of the company that I work for, a group of five went out to do a presentation at a cluster of schools. We spoke about Technology and how exciting it is and the endless opportunities, telecommunication and how it is changing the world, I spoke about Telemedicine and how it is changing how medicine is practiced now, I stated Bonsaaso and how we have brought quality medical care to the people; Telemedicine is basically connecting a patient and a health official when time and distance separates them, it entails sharing of knowledge, surgery, diagnosis etc. We also spoke about career paths and the need to have a goal and a dream and to work towards it.

The hunger and attention in the eyes of the kids gave me a sense of doing something worthwhile with my life, I was helping a Kid know that with technology he could soar to heights that his parents never knew about. 🙂 but some of the questions had me grinning and wondering whether my mind was as active as theirs when I was younger; asking about the possibility of sending medicine through phones (can a Doctor send you the medicine through the phone to the old person in the village) a form of teleportation, right? If he grows up and keeps thinking about it and how to make it a reality only God knows what will happen. I hope he dreams about it every night. This leads me to a post that I wrote when Steve Jobs died, a friend said it was too sudden for it but I think after meeting potential Steve’s I can post it now.

I don’t get the no one can be more than Steve. Are we saying we no longer have dreamers amongst us? Visionaries? I believe we have the next Steve Jobs in our present generation and if he/she fails to act someone else has trained or inspired the next in the generation after us.

Steve Jobs achieved a lot, he changed the computer, music and phone worlds. You can check wikipedia or just google his name, you will get all that you need concerning his life.

You can pay your tributes but please don’t damn our generation, don’t limit our potential. The interesting thing is that Steve Jobs made it easier for people better than him to be ‘made’. The technologies that he created makes it easier to have access to huge knowledge bases, processing power, ready market etc. He invested in all of us and our future.

We all know what makes the difference between the Jobs and let’s say Browns. One see opportunities where others does not, We got to take chances, explore and develop our potentials.

I ended it there but basically its all about having dreams and working on them and your vision does not need to be big, it just has to be about the other person, how to make life better for that person. Making life better for humanity should be our dream.

Deolaa’s dream can come true if people as dream that way and work on it.


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