Letter to my Unborn Child

After following the  Letter to my Unborn Child series on Kobby’s blog I decided to write a letter that compliments or completes or acts as the precursor to the First Letter by Yayra. I noticed the mention of a previous letter by a father of the child. Will try to be that Father in my letter.

Dear Ayo

How are you doing? Its funny how I never thought I will be blessed with such a bundle of joy and here you are and also sad that you hardly know me.

Hope your mum has told you that I am a man of few words, so please don’t be surprised with the brevity of the letter. You might not see me a lot so I am writing this letter to ‘guide’ you as you grow.

Don’t listen to your mother, she has nothing sensible to tell you, she hates you, listen to your friends they love you more than the woman who carried you for 9 months. They have more goodwill for you than the person who dedicated her life to make you comfortable, who raised you in a Christian home. Disrespect her because you and your friends know more and better, you have already passed through the current stage of life you find yourself in.

Please be don’t be faithful to your partner, be known for having fun. Live the life that is unaccountable to no one. Change sexual partners as often as you want. Experience all there is to before you get married, take away the pleasures of discovery.

Never wake up from your dreams, do not actualize them. Don’t pursue them. Choose a career that does not make you feel fulfilled. Have no ambition, never be motivated

Be selfish, your joy over everyone else, your satisfaction should be foremost, to hell with everyone, you came into the world alone and you will leave alone. I don’t care how you make it in life, just fucking make it. I won’t no weak-willed child.

Forget my humble beginnings, lord it over others. Don’t care about the effects of your words or actions.

Ayo, this letter might not sound right but that’s the whole point, I can’t and your mother can’t live your life for you, we can’t take every decision for you, we can only guide you and pray that you take the right decisions. Sorry that I can’t be there for you as often as you wish but know that I love you


If you did not read the letters I advice you to read them and look for the Letter to me series also. Have a great weekend.


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