Daddy’s Wife

Since mummy left to buy ice-cream, everything changed.
Daddy seemed so unhappy.
Whenever Grandmere  came visiting, she had gloom written all over her.
A Maid.
Daddy all of a sudden stopped playing football with us.
He buried himself with work.
I was traumatized.
I wanted my daddy back. My mummy too.
Fast Forward 14 years
“Children are so gullible sha” I said to Dave my boyfriend of almost 2 years as I stood to get him a glass of water.
It was one of his routine Saturday visits and I was just gisting him about my tumultuous life. Stuff I hid from him.
“I still can’t believe I fell for it” I said while trying to place the glass on the side stool.
“Went to London to buy Ice Cream…Wetin do Yem-Yem?; anyway, I was only 6. Any innocent 6 year old will believe anything for Ice Cream”
I kept on rambling to Dave, he was just listening with the occasional smile as usual.
It all ended with my father’s new found happiness. There was this new air around him. He was O’ so happy. Always grinning like a little boy in the amusement park. He kept late nights, Always home on the weekends, He cleaned out his wardrobe. Makeover. It couldn’t be a big contract.
It just had to be a woman.
I was Happy-Sad.
Happy that he was happy. Sad that he just had to replace my mum. O well; he waited so long to find new happiness.
Daddy got married to Aunt Sylvia in a really small ceremony. Not without seeking the consent of my brothers and I though. My brothers couldn’t care less. She was a lovely lady; Never been married, beautiful cook, very nice and caring. She couldn’t get better.
I consented.
We got along so well; we talked about everything from fashion to school, to boys, to sex. We got that close.
The Problem.
She seemed to dislike Dave so much. They got along on their first few meetings but soon after, she made it obvious that she disliked him. She tried to convince me to break up with him.
Just like Oprah, I couldn’t take her opinions on love and relationships seriously. After all, she found love in a widower at age 38.
“I saw Dele checking you out” she whispered to me. Dele was a family friend who moved in with us for his Industrial Training. “Why not go after Dele? Dave is a local boy you know?”
I ignored.
Last Friday Night…
“Ahn Ahn Iya! Where are you off to?”  I asked Aunt Sylvia who was clad in party clothes.
“Friday Night with the Girls!! Back in the morning”
Daddy had gone on his occasional trip to Ibadan.
Lil’ Bro was out as usual. That party animal. Big bro was in his room probably watching porn. Dude needs a girl.
What could a lonely girl do?
And Dave has to be at work to upgrade the office computers..
I let out a heavy sigh.
Just then, Aunt. Sylvia’s phone beeped.
“This forgetful woman” I muttered to myself
It was her reminder; “Meeting with Dave”
Which dirty Friday night meeting? Which Dave sef?
I went through her phone contacts. The only Dave had the same number as my Dave. My Dave. My Dave. My Dave was at work.
To douse my suspicion, I went through her BBM convos. It certainly was my Dave.
I’m glad to have my daddy back.
He aint going nowhere no more.

Now that you have finished reading…let me spoil the surprise and amazement, I am not gifted like that, it was written by the lovely Miss Windapo Kemi She owns the popular Med Diaries yes OWNS.


15 thoughts on “Daddy’s Wife

  1. Oh wow! Kemi oh wow! You plan to break up the new romance between Daddy and the new girl right? But why did the joy of getting Daddy back overshadow the pain of losing Dave? :s

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