Three Crushes & A LOVE

These past few months/weeks have been terrible; my emotions have enjoyed roller coaster rides without my brain.

Where do I start? Hmm how about my crushes? Twitter, Blogspot and Tumblr? @TheDharkOne: Have you ever had a crush on someone based soley on intelligence and attitude? YES her handle is @junkieonmars. I have this HUGE ass crush on her. She is the definition of ubercute yet scary. I stalk her twitter page. She is one of the few people that scrolling through her timeline is an adventure filled with laughter, grimaces and nods. She has that kind of flow. And the greatest sense of humour in the world. I remember the day her forehead was used as a TT, there was a wanted poster and all, She spent her time retweeting and laughing at herself, that act sealed my admiration for her. P.S the poster is her background picture on twitter. Oops forgot to mention her bluntness, don’t mess with her, that’s what I love about her, she is blunt. She has this insane love for chocolates..i don’t think my love chocolates come close to hers. I find girls who have love for certain “sweets” sexy especially cake.

Its been ages since I got hit by a beauty the way my next crush hit me,  She is Helen . She has a blog that is a mirror reflection of her persona (don’t ask me how I know) , she is one not to shy away from ridicule, this allows her to be herself on her blog, she pours out her heart there; I wish I was her blog. Take this rant for example 

“I went to bed absolutely livid. Angry angry angry. I hate it, absolutely hate it. I hate feeling this way! 😦 I can’t stand people who don’t have a sense of humour or love to read deep into what someone is saying. Most importantly I hate being stifled. For me being happy includes being able to relax and be me. When somebody knows you, you don’t ever have to explain yourself, they just know you. You don’t know me.”

Oh and yeah i think she has a crush on FOKN BOIS, i am joining them because of her. Her youtube videos are hilarious scratch that they are classics. What I love most about her is the way she cares about her friends.

Anyone who follows me on twitter knows that I love reading..But I love @beuosu words more than any other. That girl makes my brain tick. The depth of her words!!! She challenges me daily, she makes me question my decisions, motives , choices etc.. Lets say i am trying to be a better person because of her.

Is it a coincidence that they all have blogs?

Am I insane for letting you guys know this?

I think these crushes are a sign of growth ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯ , its no longer about the physical (forget the fact that each one of them is beautiful) its more. Your looks might get you words of admiration but your attitude and reaction to certain triggers will define the way people view and respect you. I find it very irritating when women hide their intellect and behave all cute and naïve. It’s cool to be soft, but do have an opinion, know what’s going on and don’t let anyone take away your right to express yourself. I love me a vocal woman. Don’t be a woman who is defined by the times…be creative, it’s not all about the soaps and Gossip Girls. There is a world out, vicious, it’s unfortunate but it’s not fair when it comes to the Ladies. You got to take what’s your due, don’t be intimidated. Apart from girls who know their worth and fight for their own, other attributes or traits that have got me on the roller coaster are a caring, compassionate nature. Having a funny side and also having ambition (Yep stole that from Wale), a perfectionist and a tad bit silly.

I just killed any chance of hitting on any of my crushes i.e. if they know each other or ever read this post.

Wondering about the Love? Read the post again, You will find out the type of girl i love.

Reason why I am still alone? I am just one of them and she is just one of them, until we are both ready to be exclusively meant for each other its Three crushes and a Love

Thanks for listening


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