I wake up every day knowing that I am blessed.

This knowledge is not based on the wonderful family I wake up everyday to, Not my Dad who lives for his family or my Mother who has dedicated her all to God and the people around her, not my Sister who annoys the fuck out of me but I love her more than any girl right now.

Not the knowledge that I am surrounded by wonderful people, friends in real life and those in the various virtual worlds. People who bless me with their knowledge, their love, their ideas, funny posts/tweets etc. Not the people on blogsville who make my morning/day with their posts. Not this world.

Not the fact that I have my dream job and enjoying every single second I spend in the office. Not for the fact that there is so much to be learned here that I can never know all.

I know I am blessed because I am alive. Life is all I need. Life affords me the opportunity to be better, to correct the mistakes of yesterday. God blesses me everyday with this gift. I dont have to do anything for it, He gives it to all without us asking and He can take it back equally without informing us.

I’m alive this morning..I hope I will not let this blessing go to waste today, that I will maximize it and accomplish all I can today. This Life allows me to enjoy all the benefits of the blessing; family, friends, work and food. No matter how the previous day ended I know I am blessed the moment I open my eyes.


6 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. i like this. a lot of the time we forget that we are blessed to even be alive, let alone have what we have in this life. thank you for the wonderful reminder =))

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