Snippets of things bouncing in the martian’s head. I seriously don’t know what I am about now apart from the obvious love for my job and the associated hunger.

Information is what rules the world not money. Information empowers you. It gives you an ‘unfair’ advantage over people. It gives you access…I can’t end this, I am not focused enough. Let me use an example.

Imagine a man who owes you $100 and who just hit the jackpot..$1000000. But he still can’t pay you because he does not know that he is rich, he did not check his lottery ticket and if even he did he did not check to find out whether he won or not.

We are all ignorant sometimes, some more often than others. we sometimes stumble upon a subject that we have no knowledge about. Been ignorant is not a crime its choosing to remain an ignoramus that is the crime. With google at your fingertips, asking certain questions aint ‘cute’ or ‘intelligent’ again. Seek knowledge when you find out that you lack it.

I can’t decide what I want or desire more ( 😦 very confused) ..I would love to get to know you more but I desire to tease your body too. My feelings are playing squash with me. I just don’t know what or who I want!

How can I think abt the future when tomorrow isn’t promised to me? I know I’m sounding blind, but… I’m asking anyway

Love always manages to kick my life out of its orbit. I am having issues with it and my cousin is also having issues, I am supposed to help her go through hers but I can’t…we both ‘know’ what it is but we are not willing to go by the Bible’s definition. We choose to concentrate on feeling special, needed, desired, spending quality time, the pleasures etc. There is nothing wrong with such stuff..they are very essential. But they don’t define love, anyone can make you feel this things..its similar to equating great sex to love. Those two things aint the same! Sex is sex and Love is Love! People get attached to people because of the attention that is being showered on them not stopping to question why, what if the person has time to spare? What I learned from a Bible study group is that love is a process..it is developed, it involves all the things in 1 Corin 13:4-7. You learn to love someone and at the same time it is not a Choice. It can just happen. Love is patient, it seeks the best for the other, you can’t go after someone’s partner and claim you love the person. If even you do the fact that he or she belongs to someone else should make you keep your peace and move on….not in the right frame to think about Love after I was asked to do the impossible.

I am slowly learning about the value of Time..I schedule my time for learning at night but I spend most of my time tweeting or chatting and I pay for it the next day at work. Time is a resource that is not renewable, once its gone its gone…I guess we all have to treasure our time and know its worth…time spent with the wrong person, doing the wrong activity etc. Its funny how I also thought time was a friend that it was to help me accomplish the things I had to do…time aint my friend, time does not even know me….Decide what you will do with your time cos one day time will leave you, when it does you will account for your doings on your journey with it.

I need to rediscover myself!
A confused soul.

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  1. I really liked this. In all the confusion, it made plenty sense.

    Fave bit: “Love is patient, it seeks the best for the other, you can’t go after someone’s partner and claim you love the person…” I try to preach this whenever I can. If you’re attracted to someone, one of the first things you should find out is if they’re with someone else. First, so you can let go before you get too entangled and second, because even if they would leave someone else for you, if they happened on someone they think is better for them than you, they would very likely leave you for someone else too.

    Wise words have been spoken here.

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