Dont laugh at me

“Don’t laugh at me
Don’t call me names
Don’t get your pleasure from my pain
In God’s eyes we’re all the same
Someday we’ll all have perfect wings
Don’t laugh at me”

You can stop reading now because that’s the summary of my rant but I hope you don’t because your thoughts matter to me.

This is the chorus of a song that I have never heard and I still haven’t, it came up in my discussion with a friend (Ame Jo) about us as humans not having a say about which family or race we are born into. And how ‘tribalistic’ some of ‘us’ are, or how easy it is to lord it over some people due to the family they find themselves.

Its funny how we overlook the fact that we could be ‘them’; belong to that tribe or come from the part of the nation that is considered backwards or have parents that are poor. We have no control over them but we can control our reactions to them.

Just because you find yourself in a family that is not well to do does not mean you should resign yourself to that situation and not work hard. You might not have access to the best of educations but you have yourself…its not the school or what is taught that makes the person, the person makes himself. Hard work and dedication are the key.
And if you were born into a family with money, it does not also call for you not working. Remember that you did not contribute a pesewa to that money and you will always be known as the child of the rich man/woman. Till you create your own, you will also be associated with the one who made it. And yes all that old man can finish if it is ill-managed.

When it comes to teasing people because they belong to a certain tribe, there are permissible levels…but we sometimes go overboard when we are having fun. It becomes evil when discrimination enters the scene, someone is promoted over you because he or she belongs to the same tribe as your boss. This is a problem that has been with mankind for ages all I want to say is that if you won’t enjoy it when the tables are turned please don’t do it.

Your family, tribe, nation, complexion etc does not make you better than the next man. We had no control over them (forget bleaching)..its never possible to be better than someone based on these factors. You might say that the family provides an advantage, I won’t debate it because its true but it just provides the atmosphere and opportunity to better yourself it does not better you.

The ‘betterment’ of a person is not only financial, its involves the totality of the being; health, spiritual, societal interactions etc. It takes a conscious effort on the part of the individual. He can decide to to let his environment dictate to him.

The poor can become rich
The rich can become poor
The beautiful and ugly ‘remain’ the same. They might change if the person looses the quality that makes him or her beautiful/ugly.

I have a feeling I veered off but it happens ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯ .

Have a blessed evening and night.


11 thoughts on “Dont laugh at me

  1. I agree with you..sometimes people just go on at another person for the most awkward reasons..calling someone else poor when you’re living off your fathers inventions..and of course saying someone is so ugly n ish when u are not God who gives genes.

  2. first of all, wait what? youve NEVER heard the song?? *dies of shock* lol other,
    honestly though, i have resigned myself to the fact that humans will never be at peace with each other because people will constantly be looking out for that thing which makes them ‘better” than someone else. its not right, its not fair, but thats how it is. there will will always be some form of discrimination.

    • 😦 yes I haven’t, is it that popular? This last carrying aint good. If there will always be some form of discrimination we must try as much as possible to train our kids to do the right thing. They are the future.

      • yep. its a pretty popular song!! still in shock.
        i agree, yes we should train our kids blah blah blah. but we can not control the environment they will find themselves in. and people pick things up from others, without even being aware of it.
        eg.People picking on snaptu might not think its a big deal…but one begins to see snaptu as inferior-discrimination. it wasnt concious, but now its there.

  3. Love this: ‘the family…just provides an atmosphere opportunity to better yourself,it does not better you.How true.Never thought of that.Sometimes it surprises me how much sense you make,M. Jae 🙂

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