Cheat Me? Cheat No!

*Whew* I finally got my Runaway Bride to submit her post. Ever since she left me in the hotel room during our honeymoon its been a struggle…don’t let me bore you, Enjoy and please share your thoughts also


Cheating? My sentiments? You really wanna hear it? Well, I have always thought that I would castrate the “bastard” who ever dared cheat on me. Castrate him and throw his genitals to a wild tiger as food. They are, after all, no use clipped. Unless there is some other use for the male sex organs that I have no idea about.

*sigh* ignore me. Maybe I went a lil too far. Maybe not. See, we girls are complicated creatures. We don’t even understand ourselves (we like to act like we do though). Often times we have no idea what we want (we sure fool you guys into thinking we do, don’t we?). We want to be admired by other guys and pursued by ’em even, although we are committed to another. We don’t care if the dude(s) pursuing us is/are single or not. All we think is “too bad for the girlfriend”.

When the coin is flipped though, we don’t want our men so much as even glancing in the direction of another girl. We want to receive all the attention from every single guy when we walk in a room. Trifling. I know. But that’s just the way it is. Can’t live with us, can’t live without us. We know that too. What you gonna do about it though? Go celibate? Bisexual? Homosexual? We know you lot are homophobic so yes: deal with us! (Tongue out and doing the two-step)

Someone asked once: “Why do you girls do that though? Why are you like that?” Honestly? I don’t know. We love attention. Even more than the usual. I can’t define why or how. I can just say we love the attention. We crave it on a different level. We wouldn’t admit it though. Never. Unless its a female relative or very close friend you are talking to.

We were talking about my sentiments on cheating, weren’t we? Yes. Yes. That! Back to it. I’m not a fan of cheats. In any way, shape or form (tacky line, I know -__- ) if you cheat on me and I find out, chances are I’m going to perceive you as a lifelong enemy. And you don’t want to know what I do to enemies, trust me! I’m one of those kinda girls who will say it out loud if I find out a nigga sneaking n creeping. I don’t care if we are friends or not; or if I know the couple. Whoever hears me say it, can fly with it. I don’t care. I can’t stand cheating and cheats.

I’m generally proud of people who point to one “nig” or babe n say: “That’s my boyfriend” or “That’s my girlfriend”. Healthy relationships. And we are not counting open relationships (don’t get me started on that). WTF gets into a person’s head to have one of those anyway? You either dating or you not. For a moment, I was tempted to use the word “together” instead of “dating” in the previous sentence. But I’m aware of the fact that, people having flings or even “fuck buddies” can relate to that word….. “Together”.

Some people insist that girls create an environment for cheating. Frankly, I just wanna slap any bubble head who says that to me. Cheating is a personal decision. To cheat? Or not to cheat? It’s like asking: “Salt, or no salt?”. Personal preference. Simple as that.

Don’t cheat on me if I get involved with you. Let me know what we are doing from “day one”. Or even before “day one”. Don’t cheat on my sister, cousin, friend, or any female I’m in contact with that I care about. Don’t try to push my buttons to see what I would do if you did. I can tell you what I would do. Scroll up to the first few lines of this post. I’m quite capable of doing it. I’m a very daring and adventurous girl and I LOVE the sight of blood 😀

*whew* that concludes it, I guess.



27 thoughts on “Cheat Me? Cheat No!

  1. Why should I settle in the first place? Um… LOL

    But, I agree. Why cheat? It’s either you want to commit or not. I’m more like the or not “type” though.

  2. Its not as black and white as folks make it up to be, its not right I know but I don’t think everyone just wakes up and seeks out someone on the side to fuck, oh well…

    • I think most things in life are really “black or white” what exactly is the motivation to cheat? Sex? Can’t you spark up romance with your partner for that? Companionship? Surely you have friends to talk to. There are certain things in life that need to be revered and being able to do exactly that (hold those things in reverence), shows your maturity. Respect is one of those things. Break up if the person no longer catches your fancy. Surely that is better than cheating, or? “Black and White”.

  3. Talk about being the violent type…scary O____O but point well made…there is no point in cheating. if you want to go around screwing every animate object that comes your way, it is simple…don’t freaking commit to anyone is the first place…oh human beings.

  4. For a guy who has a hard time sticking to one twitter handle for long, I can’t overemphasise how difficult it is to stay faithful but the decision to be in a relationship should be respected and so should your partner. So cheating is a big no no. No excuses

  5. so u dis my bestfriend/soulmate wrote dis to bash me like that eh? Issokay o. People in open relationships/ cheats…hmmm. I neva bore. Btw is it ok to cheat if its a lng distance thing? Body no be firewood

    • Like Jermaine said, “It’s either you commit or not” I don’t think cheating is unexcuseable in anyway. No one put a gun to anyone’s head to get involved on a “relationship”

  6. I think the term cheating should be defined. Cos it doesn’t always have to be sexual.
    Would also wanna know what you’ll suggest as punishment for a female cheat as she won’t have a swinging pendulum.

    • Well you see, if I was dating a girl I would know how to handle that. My area of expertise is boys 😉 asexual cheating is quite tricky though. I laid off it because sometimes, you tend to be closer to people other than your partner maybe because of their intelligence, ideas, etc.

  7. relationships are not byforce tho..if u dont like what u have drop it jeje and go do w.e u want. trying not to hurt their feelings by hiding is just immature and dumb.

  8. Lovely post… definitely goin to reply ur post on my blog(the male version of your thoughts in my own oppinion) kudos and keep up the good work

  9. Well I always said I won’t cheat on my partner because I won’t want her to do the same thing to me. But recent events have caused me to change my mind. I know for a fact that I will cheat on her! Its sad isn’t it that I know.

    I always say cheating goes beyond physically sleeping with a person who is not your partner. Spending more quality time with someone who is not your partner is cheating especially if your partner does not get your attention.

    My work will be my first fling..I will dedicate my time and energy to my work, I will think that my working is a demonstration of my love and intent to keep her comfortable and satisfied. The money is supposed to replace the attention she needs.

    My second will be our kids..I will shower them with gifts, presents and special treats and leave my wife out of it.
    The third will be my parents and siblings. I will listen to them more than my wife, I will rush back home when I hear that any of them is sick I will probably give them money on a regular basis more than my wife

    But is this right? .

    • Well, sometimes you have a connection with someone and it’s greater than the connection you have with your partner. I have friends I like to talk to a lot more than my “partner” mainly because we talk about stuff I can’t talk to my partner about (for many different reasons). I don’t think enjoying a stimulating conversation with a friend to the detriment of giving attention to one’s partner (which would have most likely been kissing or sex or in that neighbourhood) counts as cheating. I could be wrong. No? Yes? Okay.

  10. @malota. You are just placing her low in your priorities…i believe some action with an unauthorised member is cheating…. Even if its just a lick.

    • Lol that is it. She has to be Number 1.. She comes before all. And I used wife for a purpose but that is something else. Freeze you don’t need to sleep with someone. Denying your partner something that is essential and important is wrong. Ignoring her and paying attention to others is cheating. Why do u think some girls make a fuss out of football and games? Why do guys make a big fuss out of long shopping trips and time out with the girls? That attention that is payed to those acts

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  12. This author will be cheated on… and she wont be able to do anything about it.

    I’m not saying it to be mean… just pointing out how the world works.

    Worse still she could end up being the one cheating… then you’ll realize you are not what you thought you always were.

    She has a lot of growing up to do. Unlike in dreams the real world is never black and white

    • Let me just dispel your hopes. I have been cheated on before. I was really young (I would say how old). That experience contributed in shaping my views on relationships. Did I castrate the dude then? No. Did he feel my wrath tho? Yes. Did he enjoy it? No. If I was to date someone right now and he cheated would I castrate him, maybe yes. When you are really into someone and you get hurt on that kind of level, sometimes the mind breaks! And you take actions based on impulse. If I’ve stabbed someone for taking my favorite chocolate out of the fridge before, I most assuredly can stab someone for playing with my heart. The world IS black and white. We don’t like to perceive it that way because we want to do things and get away with it with no repercussions.

  13. As a man who has had his testicles removed (following an accident) I can tell you that the post and the comments are in poor taste. Castration is – like rape – not something that someone jokes about. I am reminded that I am ball-less every time I see or feel my empty scrotum dangling between my legs like a useless little piece of flesh.

    If you want to write an article calling for rapists to be castrated I would support that sentiment. Society would benefit from those types of men being separated from their testicles. But, cheating is a far cry from raping.

    I don’t mean to be too preachy. I guess a guy with no balls has the right to express some negativity once in a while. Perhaps on another day I might have seen some semblance of humor in your post — my balls were removed, not my sense of humor.


  14. I think I get Yayra…a relationship is not a joke. I have had a response for this post for some time but let’s just consider this..What happens to all the unfaithful children/bride of God? If our Father values the relationship he has with us how much more should we not value the relationships we share with each other. Just don’t enter one if you know you can’t remain faithful. Its not a must to be in a relationship.

  15. I really really love this! I just love how you expressed where you stand on the issue without caring what anyone else might think.

    I frown at cheating as well. I agree with it being a personal choice. Girls go on & on about how it’s to be expected because boys are “wired that way” but I can’t wrap my head around how anybody would think it’s normal to accept that.

    Nice read. (Y)

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