Foolish Pride

Have you ever been disappointed by pride before? Your own pride? You assumed that you play a significant role in someone’s life and later on found out that you were not as important as you thought? Have you ever asked questions or made statements such as; Why didn’t you tell me? I thought we were friends? Why did I have to be the last person to know?. or have you been asked before?

Sometimes we have a legitimate right to make such inquiries, to demand better treatment. I can’t imagine my wife being pregnant and the bestman at my wedding telling me about it two months into her pregnancy 0_o. But it happens in life, people who matter to us sometimes forget to involve us in the happenings in their lives. We get so hurt that we fail to rejoice with them.

Let’s forget our ‘legitimate right’ …what stops you from celebrating with those who were informed? I think its can be something else but I say its pride 😐 . Our inability to overcome the hurt and be happy for the person because we feel we deserve better. If we value the person that much we should rejoice with the person instead of questioning. I have twice been a victim of this form of pride. The first was a huge wake up call but I just hit the snooze button and continued sleeping (a long story)

Unless told (which can be a lie) or its proved over and over again, you are as important as the fart of your neighbour’s kitten.


8 thoughts on “Foolish Pride

  1. Interesting piece of work…I love this and I relate to it in some way.but its always good to hit the snooze button and move philosophy in life is “don’t expect too much from anyone”.

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