Pose for the Camera X_X

WARNING this post has a sexual theme, a “disturbing image” of a sexual act will be painted. Reader’s discretion is adviced 🙂 .

First off I am not in position to judge the girl whose picture caused this rant, little Kaa is on three continents while I have not seen a plane close up before *sighs*

You can say its love, lust, work or whatever …its just plain stupidity when you send a nude picture of yourself with your face showing to a girl/guy. The most extreme form is the recording of videos, why is that the last time you guys will fuck? I am up there with the stupid folks but stupidity can never be an excuse.

Life is more than the ‘here and now’. We live our lives as if there are no consequence for our actions or choices. I am not even talking about God or judgment. Do you ever pause before taking an action and ask yourself, “Will this come and haunt me?” . Or what the ripple effects will be, not only you, your family, friends, community, nation etc? Do you? Well I don’t. But we need to.
So many actions are taken without thinking about the other people that it might affect, which shouldn’t be so.

I think society right now is based on fun and “its my life” but people don’t respect your life when they spread your leaked image or video. There is no mercy. If you aint married to the person (why do it even if u are) why take such a risk? What if you guys break up? What happens to the image? Or its damn the consequence?

We think about the present too much.. The future holds more if we plan and work towards it. The present is not as important as the future. I say our future is more important based on common sense and the Bible, whatever is sown grows (forget about droughts, pests etc). We build our future daily, with each act/decision we determine its shape and what it will have in store for us. If you want to be rich in future, is it not a combination of hardwork and saving/spending wisely? Kk I have ranted enough, now let me go back to the picture…since its an image of a chick, I think a lady will be the best to speak about it. This is Yayra take on it

Firstly I think it’s a pretty disgusting image. Sucking on a condom-covered dick and looking pleased n showing a thumbs up? Not a nice image.
I personally subscribe the phrase “lady in the streets and freak in the bed”. But as a woman, one must draw the line at where her “bed” ends. Privacy. Sex in the bedroom. Record it if its your thing. Just don’t show everyone that you are a “condom-head”. Stick to showing that you a lady. Let your man brag about your freakiness if he must but you don’t need to show it.

Consenting to recordings of any kind (video, audio, images) is pretty serious. If you agree to do it, you should know what you are getting yourself into and the risks. Dudes are vicious. If you must record, by all means don’t let me cramp your style. Just keep in mind that, as the woman, you have a lot more at stake so you keep the ONLY copy if you go through with it (quote me on that to anyone). Sex is fun. But it is serious. Not all nudity or vulgarity is “pretty”.

And why wud you want to leak a picture of a proud “condom-head”? What’s the fun in that? She obviously likes what she is doing. She enjoys it. She gave a freaking thumbs up while posing for the shot. Don’t tell me she deserves it to be leaked because she posed for the shot. If you must leak it, send it her parents. Hell, add a blackmail note. Get paid for taking such a “priceless” picture (I say “priceless” with much irony n sarcasm). Don’t work for free. Taking such a classic shot and leaking it and not getting paid? GET PAID FOR ALL YOU DO!

But if you are a lady and want to take nude pictures please send them to andrion006@gmail.com. They will be safe there 🙂 but on a more serious note let’s respect ourselves..our integrity are at stake. Your respect is at stake, Your family’s name 😦


10 thoughts on “Pose for the Camera X_X

  1. i saw that pic, the speed at which i closed it eh? Hmmm. At sum age, we have no excuse for some actions. I mean how cn u suck a condom wrappd dick in d 1st place? Nt to talk abt posing proudly 4 it as if u r going on the cover of Vogue. Smh

  2. Ah so Malota wants more nude pictures to look at. Silly. Anyway I did see the picture in question and I would be terribly ashamed if I knew the girl. Hey, we ought to remember that our actions may come back to hunt us some day no matter the fact that life is short and we need to enjoy it.

  3. I saw it
    At least sucking on a condom covered penis shows she’s clever
    Who wants hpv and all what not?
    However it is so embarrassing to have that pic go viral..a full face pic.
    ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯

  4. Haha!! That image is really disturbing!! Thos Xs aing perfect!!
    I just saw the picture today sef.
    ITs prettty sad. Nude pictures flying everywhere.
    Me ehn! Im trying as much as possible not to do anything that can ruin my chances of becoming WHO president B)

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