“Any time I tell someone I’m single, its not because i am single but it is because you have made me feel that way. Its like I’m stuck in a one sided relationship…i am not single but yet I am. I don’t know how best to put it but sometimes you make me feel that I am living a lie, that I am a single falsely claiming to be in a relationship, such times I am reminded of this tweet “Shoutouts to all the singles in relationships wid people who don’t know they are in one”. Please let me feel needed, desired for one last time cos I no longer know how it feels like”

I never got to feel that way again, and I am not ready to make someone feel that way.

I miss us. (Just had to add this after the second comment..this post is in reference to my ex..she was and is the best ‘thing’ to have happened to me)


9 thoughts on “Single

  1. hhmm.. i think if he is making you feel single then you might as well go ahead and become single.. :-)..leave him because he does not deserve your love..

  2. Oya let us send this post to all those who have made us feel single in a relationship
    This is such common territory and I’m sure almost everyone has been here before..

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