Today by my lil sister (comes in handy ^_^ )

Today I saw the creator’s hand
Today I saw the sun in the late afternoon sun; as it kissed the day it had brightened goodbye.
Its glorious hue imparted such beauty to the sky, no artist’s palette can compare
Today I saw the clouds moving together in quiet synchrony, moving to the unheard music of the wind
As if pulled together by an unseen string like a puppet under the touch of a skilled one.
Today I saw a bird; the speed of its flight created a blur of colours from its own wondrous plumage
As it slowed to suck nectar sweet, one could only wonder if it and the flower had been altered to perfection
Today I saw a rain drop fall onto the greenest leaf at the nudge of gravity
Today I saw a child’s smile; it lit up his face like the sun lights the sky on a summer morning and warmed the hearts of all around.
Today I saw a child sleep; sheltered in the bosom of his mother, all his cares forgotten, his tears dried.
Today I saw the moon, on a bright and sunny morning, spying on the earth and its inhabitants.
Smiling for a job well done, not wishing to part ways with its friends or give way to sun to have it’s turn.
Today I saw the creator through the marvelous works of his hand.


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