A letter to me.

This letter was inspired by the ‘Letter to Me’ series which can found on the JR Show . All the letters are unique and lovely but I have a fav and that is my secret.
I have decided to write a letter to a future me, I have no idea what it will be about, I will just flow as the words come.

Hope people finally call you by that name and you still listen to the greatest rapper of all time Lil Wayne , if not please perform Seppuku.

I am not sure whether your taste and choices will be the same in ten or twenty years into the future but there are some things I never want to stop doing or believing in. You once forgot who you were and you know what happened. You contemplated suicide; you idiot!! If I had..stupid man. In fact the first thing I want you to remember is :

Once there is life there is hope. There is no greater gift apart from life (Christ’s life was the greatest). God grants us life daily so that we can make amends and become better people. Andrew no matter what you are going through, please never take your life.

No one is an island. Hope you remember that girl you loved who told you that your lives were not connected. Remember what you told her. Practice it. Honour men and treat all fairly. You are not better than anyone by virtue of position or birth. Your actions have a ripple effect on the people around you. You have rights and also responsibilities, Don’t use your freedom to cause harm or cause discomfort, you never know when or where you will meet people in your past. Remember how you used to see people, continue to see them in that light. We are a rich resource, full of potential and beauty. Treasure those you find around you and make them aware that they are valued.

Love is life. If you were foolish enough to marry then please love the woman the way Mummy loves Daddy and be dedicated the way He is to her. Work for her and your kids. Make them your all. Put them ahead of yourself, your career, friends and all. And please don’t fall for the woman of your dreams. Wake up! No one is perfect..get to know her before you enter a relationship with her. We don’t want any nasty surprises..you know what I am talking about.

Hope your love for alcohol has abated or you have totally stopped drinking. You have never been an alcoholic and I hope you never become one. You know you do stupid things when you are drunk. Alcohol clouds your thoughts. Never ever drink when you are sad or angry..best way to get fucked up.

How is your sex life? One partner?

If you have not fulfilled your dreams of being the world’s richest man (I know you will) Don’t for a second think that you have failed me, I know you will work hard towards it. God knows best and his time is just right. And remember that riches is not always monetary. Yeah I know you just smiled 🙂 . Hope you allow SR to constantly remind you of that fact.

We are not totally proud of our past but we proud of our present. Hope you are still proud of your present in the future. Play “Hustler Musik” for me.


11 thoughts on “A letter to me.

  1. Haha I have no words. If I may pry…… Who is the woman of your dreams? At least it’s safe to say we both agree marriage is foolishness 🙂

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