Honour Men

RT @bumsha: Twitter will chew you the fuck up and spit you the fuck out!..

This is a post that is dear to my heart, listening to Lil Wayne so that I don’t go off board and get personal. I am finally writing this post after I stumbled across these two posts Hating and #2

This post is about internet bullies, if you don’t know who an internet bully is, join twitter I am sure you will meet several. They are people who ‘tear’ people into shreds. The word tear is used here loosely; not all victims are affected by the words. I have 4 bullies on my private list; 2 females and 2 males. Internet bullies also apply to those who are tumblr famous and call out other blogs and call them imitations especially when they (TF) never post any original material.

A weak ass example
RT @BreastWhisperer: Lmfao. #FailedLocation RT @YoBoobsHairy: #FailedTwitcon #FailedTwitterName ===================> @Errythings_GOOD

But this post is not about them (I think they have personality issues, why pick fights with people you don’t know? Why diss someone because of his/her avatar?)
Most of these internet bullies have large numbers of followers; the ladies average 3000 followers the guys 500. I know numbers mean a lot to them because on tumblr also the more your followers the more cocky you become (generally) and I personally know people who tweak their hit count on tumblr to reflect that their blog has been viewed a lot. Imagine a blog that was just set up recently with less than 2000 posts (crappy shit) and it has about 20000 views n my personal favorite, this guy just joined tumblr, 3 posts and 10000 views..I mean come on ur first day here!!! (Sorry I went off).
I personally think that the more followers the greater the burden to better their lives with your tweets or posts. I think they suffer from Kanyeism . They think they are better than others (whatever gave them that idea I have no clue). We are all equals!

Its about ‘us’ their followers/friends. RT @toluogunlesi: More important than who’s following you on Twitter, is who you’re following .
No one can force you to follow someone on twitter. You decide who to follow. There are so many factors that come into play when deciding to follow someone. A follow generally means, I love your thoughts and words, you are interesting and I want to see ‘you’ on my timeline. Its a validation of their words and actions. Your follow signifies your approval.

We need to stop retweeting derogatory tweets or drop a sub that is in relation to what the person is tweeting about especially if any of them are following us. It shows that we approve of what they are doing. I witnessed a “twitter fight” last night, it was between some nigerians. It was just nasty and hilarious (its always hilarious when you are not at the receiving end). But it was also sad. People reveal loads of stuff during such mad stunts. And once it gets on the internet 🙂 you know its there forever.

If you consider yourself a friend of a male twitter bully who picks on females and tears their personality into pieces and you don’t call him out either openly or in private, you are not being a good friend. Gentlemen are not only judged by their clothes but primarily how they treat the Ladies. No matter how a female offends you, you should not insult her personality..either you address the issue in a manner worthy of praise or you just let it go. And if the twitter bully is a female, you need to speak to her, it does not paint a good picture of her. Popularity is only good if it was not gained through notorious means and is used wisely.

We the followers and friends should remember that everyone has feelings. If we won’t enjoy what is being done to someone when its done to us, we should not encourage it. It might be a riot when its not you but trust me you won’t feel the same when its being done to you.

The victims should also know when not to respond to provocation. Words do hurt but why allow lies to get to you? Why respond to someone hiding behind a screen, giving you virtual punches? Those jabs don’t land on your body. You can choose not to respond to hurtful mentions, it does not make you weak.
Blogging on tumblr is personal. Its your personal space!! You can decide to dedicate it to everything in this world or one specific thing. You can base it around dreams (exotic cars and expensive clothing labels ^_^ I will defo drive one of those cars on my blog). I have seen tumblrs dedicated to gays, animals, photography, paintings, cars etc. They are built around the personality of the owner. You can’t attack a tumblr without attacking the owner. But that is one of the worst crimes possibly. Questioning someones fundamental right to life and choice. If you want to know how good your blog is (to others not you, since its ur blog) check the number of reblogs and the number of people who actually hit your ask box and express appreciation. And never let appreciation get to you.
When we talk about tumblrs, these are the tumblrs that belong to Ghanaians that “I” deem top of the top, mind you not all have Hit Counters installed (everyone knows you can manipulate that shit…and its never a verification of how awesome your blog is) I Love Art , The Cool , Einzigartig Und Gescheit , Rantings of a Dicey Black Female , Nothing more than a falling Fulcrum , The Mad Fly , Jessica.Elizabeth.Photography and one of my personal favorite because of my love for food Melon Cross . There is also Octave Love. But my favorite blog belongs to a Nigerian Momochromatic I use her writings for rants on twitter (she follows me on twitter so she knows :p)

These social networks are little societies..we meet people there, some are bound to inspire us or hurt us but let us be the ones that inspire others. And correction should always be done with love. Not that idiotic gbaaalert. Gbaaalert and correct the person.

I hope I did not digress too much. If I did I hope this quote by Lao Tzu says it bests.
‘Fail to honour people, They fail to honour you.’


12 thoughts on “Honour Men

  1. i want to reblog this. :(. They say its a social network n as such u 4 nt catch feelings there. But we are human no? With emotions and to top it, sum of us are sensitive. Neways quite recently i was labeled a twitter snub. I was hurt, just 4 d fact dat it myt b true

  2. This is very well written, Malota. I cannot but agree with you.

    Now I remember again why I deleted my twitter account recently and started again from scratch. Hmm. Good job (Y)

  3. I love this. Very rational write-up. I have never understood tumblr, maybe when I have fast internet sha.
    Twitter is all kinds of fun but it gets way out of hand at times. I have learnt a lot from it too.
    You are an objective writer (y).
    More ink to your quill

    • Lol when you join tumblr you will really enjoy it but you need a strong heart too 🙂 you never know what will appear on your dash. Yeah I learn from twitter daily too. Thanks a lot

  4. Very insightful post. I try not to jump in the thick of things, hardly ever go in on TTs, don’t even talk abut Tweetfights. Staying glued to the relevant stuff is the key for me. Good one, bruv…

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