I Have A Tale To Tell

I Have A Tale To Tell is a new blog set up by Yayra and I.

You know what they say about stories; There are no good stories or bad stories you just have good or bad storytellers and the fact that everyone has a story to tell. We all have stories to tell and the potential to weave extraordinary tales.

Our new blog is to offer people the opportunity to share their stories to the world but with a catch, your story will have to fulfill a challenge that we put up weekly. You can weave your story into it, your ability to do it is the catch, you can express your fears, hopes and dreams in a story.

I have learned so many things from blogsville and I hope this new blog will teach all of us new things. Our first story has “Money the root of all evil” as its theme and a train as the location..a newspaper is to play a role in it. I gave it a go and I know I failed 😦 but I learned how to “breathe” while writing ^_^ (that’s the advice ma teacher gave me) . I had this fear of being kidnapped and sold to be used for ritual purposes *shudders* so my story was along that line; kidnap and death.

Please check out the blog here and please contribute to it here .Have a great day


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