A letter to my future husband

Tonight’s post is from my Baby to her future Husband…Hopefully my wife will write a ‘similar’ letter to me too.

I am the girl of little things, I am not by this saying that I possess a lot of little things, I am saying that I appreciate the little things of life, I value them.
I value the sleep you lose waking up earlier than I do just to wake me up so I’m not late for anything I have doing in the day. I appreciate you waking me up with a hug and a kiss, just because you wanted to be the first person to hug me in the day.

You taking time out of your busy schedule to call me. I appreciate that you know when to be quite and when to talk. I appreciate your understanding of my various moods and I am marveled at the grace God gave you to handle it.

I appreciate the times we walk down the street in the evening holding hands and chatting. I value those intimate moments we share, like when we hear a song on the radio and you quickly pull me close to you, wrap me up in your arms and tip me over. Even if only for a fleeting second, I value your smiles, your laughter, they way you look into my eyes for various reasons.

I appreciate your honest answers and the time you take to think about the sometimes useless things I say. I appreciate your compromises, your sacrifices, like trying something new, just because I want to. I appreciate that you believe in my dreams, that you hope with me. I SOMETIMES even appreciate the way you get jealous. I appreciate your love for food and your willingness to try my new experimental dishes 🙂 . I value the days you wash your dishes after eating, or the days you clear the table after our meal. I appreciate the countless number of times you’ve prayed with and for me.

I appreciate those special days you make me the only one in your present, no interruptions. I appreciate you coming home to me every night, I know sometimes its a real effort considering all the countless women who threw themselves at you. I appreciate that you’re not ashamed of me, that you don’t mind going with me to public places…. My list is endless Love, but, this is just to tell you that I’m a girl of little things, and I value you.


7 thoughts on “A letter to my future husband

  1. Suh-weeet. I’m a gurl ov d little things too. D occasional forehead kiss dt makes all d difference.

    • 🙂 nice..if I also say I am a guy of little things it would be said that I am setting the P so I won’t say it. Thanks for commenting

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