Pissed Off

smh “I really don’t like you guys” <– Student to Malota.
I fail to understand this poor student..not poor in terms of finance but poor in terms of honesty and love.

How can you dislike me because I refuse to allow you to cheat during examinations? Do you plan on cheating your way through life? Never to be prepared for anything? Give and accept bribes?

Be honest with yourself, you might pass the exam but what will you leave the exam room with, knowledge that you applied what you learned and performed to the best of your ability? What will you send to your future work place? What knowledge will you be equipped with to have a successful career?

No one loves failure but few people set up their lives so that the risk of failing is minimized. We have the whole semester to prepare for the exams that are guaranteed at its end but do we prepare?

How can you dislike someone for doing his job? Would you dislike a police officer for arresting a thief or the President for doing his job? Should people stop doing their jobs just because some people are disgruntled?

Cheat? Yes I have been one before…will I cheat in the future?…. You don't need to copy to cheat, you teaching a person in the exam room is cheating, looking at the questions before anyone else does is cheating. And yes I cheated my employers to rant here, I am supposed to be invigilating but that comment pissed me off..it was made when I was escorting a student to piss. Most fucked up part, its a male student..what do I care about the feelings of male students or males in general (towards me)? He should send his emotional bullshit to Essie ( a girl) and let the ladies bring theirs to me šŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Pissed Off

  1. *you work in an educational institution, tertiary it seems*
    Now to the subject of cheating, we all cheat at sum point. But ive neva had d guts to cheat in an exam hall. Some people are pros i swear! So industrious in dat respect! But point is, y wuld u nt prepare 4 ur paper? I dnt knw how to study n i dnt bother maself cos i always knw id pass anyways. But dats me, i knw my strengths n weaknesses, ud thnk every1 wuld knw theirs.

    Ps i copy during midsems tho. Thank u

    • Lol @ midsems..used to work there, just helping them out now. We all cheat but being proud about it is what I don’t get. Must you be applauded for using foul means to achieve what someone will work hard for?

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