Single Idiot

May I deviate from what is looking like the ‘norm’ and say that people who don’t believe in any and/or a different deity also subscribe to this emotion. In our quest to understand and define this emotion/word can we stay clear of religious boundaries?
Now maybe, if we shift concentration from ‘God’ and from ‘positives’, maybe we can find a definition for ‘love’.

This is a comment made on the post 2 Idiots. The only comment I have not replied to or tried to play games with.
I won’t try to define it, I would rather give an idea of what I wish it was, simply because I don’t know what it is and this is what I would want to feel/know about someone and hopefully the person feels/knows about me too.

Why feel/knowledge. I want love to be a source of knowledge and flow of emotions.

1. I need to know that I am secure
2. I need to know that I am a priority
3. That I can trust you
4. That you respect me
5. That you can help me achieve my goals and objectives in life. Make me a better person
6. That you dream and not only dream but are willing to make them real (will and dream)
7. That I can give you everything you need and some of the things you want :p (if not now then in the near future) That you can count on me, that I can protect you.

Emotions are such that some stay a bit longer than others. These are the emotions i have to associate with the person I “love”. I have to desire you, feel affectionate towards you not indifferent, genuinely interested in your well being and find delight in your presence. To feel anxiety when I have not heard from you in ages or when I do not know your thoughts. (Why should there be a break in communication? Or why should each of us wait for the other to be the one to establish communication?). A little bit of shyness that wears off with time but the decency to feel embarrassed when I am in the wrong and not allow pride to take over.
I must also be proud of you. There should be no fear (fear as in the opposite of love). You should be my source of joy and happiness, misery and pity should not be felt in your presence. Sympathy!! And I have to be jealous also, a fighting spirit. How can I say I want an exclusive relationship without being jealous?

Sad and silly as it may seem if I don’t see myself in a cuddle with you, its safe to say that you my dear lady will always just be a friend or acquaintance.

Yeah 8, 9 and 10 are empty because there are so many factors that would come into play for me, some I will consciously know and some I won’t. That is how I want love to be for me. What about you?

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31 thoughts on “Single Idiot

  1. i subscribe to this! I am a hopeless romantic! Im sure if you cn feel all that, you’ve found love… *sigh*

    • Hahahaha I have one over you..I know how you look like, I have seen your pictures. I read your tweets too :p . I know your wordpress and I know…

    • Lol see you…so why is the girl in your gravatar still only a “good friend” ? If I was you I would have tried dating her (based on her externals)..What’s stopping you? Don’t give me that friendship bull :p

  2. ok… Is dat how u want to play it? Fine! Well whch 1 do u want? Truth or lie? Sorry ur times up. I already chose 4 u, lie. So here goes… Shes dating sum1 else. *side eye*

  3. ok so i just read all ur comments (skinbis and Malota) and i’ve forgotten what i was going to write concerning the post! thanks a lot!!! lol

  4. Malota and love sha. Where is your girlfriend nau? Stop dulling and remaining single. I agree with all you said in the post.

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